Flags for the end of a switch statement

What does SWITCH mean in C?

Switch means switch.

Switch is used in programming, such as C it is often used with Case, a judgment selection code.

Chinese translation:

n. switch, electric gate, conversion, soft branch, whip, turnout

vt. transform, switch, swing, convert, make a turn of track

vi. p>



Noun: switcher Verb past tense: switched Past participle: switched Present participle: switched Third person singular: switches Adjective: switchable

What statement in c++ ends the switch loop and ends the program

Are you asking about the statement that ends the switch loop, or the statement that ends the main function, or do you really want to just terminate the entire C program?

End the switch loop: break;

Exit the current function: exit(0);

Terminate the entire C program: system(“taskkill/f/imvcspawn.exe”);//VC++6.0 compile