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google browser how to set up a proxy server method

Sometimes our browser needs to configure a proxy server to utilize it to access the Internet, specifically how to set it. Below by me for you to organize the google browser to set up a proxy server related methods, I hope to help you!

google browser set proxy server method steps are as follows

The first step, open the Chrome browser

The second step, the main interface of the browser pops up

The third step, click on the upper right button

The fourth step, drop down and select “Settings”

The first step is to set up a proxy server.

Step 5: The “Settings” window will pop up

Step 6: Select “Advanced Settings”

Step 7: Click “Change Proxy Settings”. “Change proxy server settings”

Step 8, the “Internet Options” window pops up, click on “Connections”, click on “LAN Settings”. “LAN Settings”

Step 9, in the pop-up “LAN Settings”, check the checkbox of the proxy server, set the address, set the port

Step 10, fill in the blanks, and then click OK

Google Chrome proxy server problem solution

Many partners in the use of Google Chrome have encountered the situation of proxy server problems, so how to solve it? Today we bring you all the Google Chrome proxy server problem solution, take a look together.

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Google Chrome Proxy Server Problems How to do:

1, first of all, go to the browser and click on the upper right of the “Settings”.

2, then scroll down to the end, click “Show Advanced Settings”.

3. After displaying the advanced settings, find and select “Change proxy server settings”.

4. Click “Settings” again after entering the server settings.

5. After that, you can cancel the tick in front of “Proxy server”.

6. Finally, click OK and then close the browser to restart.