Hard disk parameter error how to solve ah computer

If the problem of inaccessible removable hard disk and parameter error occurs in your computer, you may want to refer to the method provided below to repair it.

1, through the DiskGenius software can view the mobile hard disk information, you can determine whether the hard disk has a bad channel, the need to repair the hard disk;

2, press Win + R to open the Run, type “CHKDSKH: / F / R” (Note that the H: is the hard disk) where the disk symbol. /R to find the incorrect sector and restore readable information / F repair errors on the disk);

3, the repair interface appears, according to their needs to choose Y or N to repair, repair time may be very long, do not run other programs during this period;

4, the repair is complete, you can display the mobile hard disk drive, and open the view inside the data.

When the computer can not access the removable hard disk and prompted by the parameter error, you can through the above described method to repair.

Mobile hard disk can not access the parameter error

Use the U disk suddenly encountered can not be opened also prompted to access the operation of many cases, encountered this problem when you do not stress, but also do not mess with the point or remove the formatting of the hard disk, you can through our methods below, to see the mobile hard disk can not access the parameter error solution.

Mobile hard disk can not access the parameter error:

1, first press the shortcut key “win + r” to open the run.

2, after typing: chkdsk/? and click enter to check the disk drive letter function.

3, and then you can view your disk errors that need to be repaired.

4, and then enter: CHKDSKF:/F, f is your disk drive letter, according to their own circumstances to change,

and then enter, you can automatically detect and repair the encountered problems.

How to solve the computer boot process prompted “hard disk error” problem 3?

The following is the solution to the computer boot process prompted “hard disk error” problem: 1. Check the computer connected to the hard disk data cable and the power cord is connected to the right. . Make sure they are securely connected and try connecting the hard drive with a new cable or power cord. 2. Enter the BIOS setup menu and check if the hard drive is recognized properly. If the hard disk is not recognized, try to plug and unplug the hard disk again or replace it. 3. Check the hard disk with a hard disk detection tool. You can use a third-party hard disk testing tool to check if the hard disk has bad sectors or other faults, and further determine if the hard disk needs to be replaced.4. Repair the hard disk using a system repair tool. In Windows, you can use the CHKDSK command that comes with the system to check and repair hard disk errors. In other operating systems, there are similar tools available.5. Replace the hard disk. If the above steps still do not solve the problem, then you may need to replace the hard disk.

After installing the Win7 system, the computer feels that the disk partition is too much, or after reinstalling the system, the disk symbol is confusing, and you want to reset your disk. Open the disk prompts “parameter error”, want to modify can not be modified, what can be done to solve this problem? In this regard, we look at the win7 system modify the disk drive prompt “parameter error” solution.

Specific methods are as follows:

1, first of all, the simplest is to repartition, some times, we due to disk problems, we need to repartition to solve the problem, but some times, this also does not work, I just repartitioned after the problem can not be solved;

2, we want to modify the disk is the default of the virtual system, and therefore there is no way to modify. We will see if it is the default, obviously did not save anything, but used up a lot of g is because of this.

3, I modified the disk drive because I installed a solid-state drive, but after partitioning, the solid-state drive of the other partner reported the mechanical hard disk behind, in this case, for our speed is affected, so open the management of disk management, but can not be modified;

4, we will be modified in this way, click on the computer, select the right-click, the properties of the button is good;

5, we can modify the disk drive, the disk drive, the disk drive, the disk drive, the disk drive, the disk drive, the disk drive, the disk drive and the disk drive. button on it;

5, after opening, we will see that there is an advanced system settings, we click on this on it;

6, click on it, in this interface, we have to choose this inside the advanced, we chose a good after, continue to the next step;

7, the next step is to be inside the advanced, we will see that there is a performance, there is a setting, the next step is to be in the advanced, we will see that there is a performance, there is a setting, the next step is to be in the advanced. A performance, there are settings, we click on the settings button;

8, in this setup interface, we will see that there is still an advanced button, we continue to click on this button;

9, there is a virtual program in the bottom of this, we can click on the button below the change to enter the interface inside;

10, then we will see that we modify the disk drive behind a hosted system, so we have no way to modify;

11, we select the hosted system, we will be below the selection of the paging file, and then click on the Set button on it;

12, set up, we will see the contents of the disk changes, we then put the virtual program to the place where it should be;

12, we will see this disk content changes, we then put the virtual program to the place where it should be;

13 program to the place where it should be put;

13, after the setup, we click on the management, change the disk management, we modify the disk drive letter, we found that can be successful.

On the Win7 system to modify the disk drive letter prompted “parameter error” solution is shared here, encountered the same failure problem partners, may wish to refer to the tutorial to solve it.