How do I turn on User Account Control?

Why is the User Account Control feature not enabled?

This is mainly due to the following reasons.

1. The system does not have the “Fast switch with user” feature enabled. The way to enable this is to click “Start → Control Panel → User Accounts → Change the way users log in or log out” on the taskbar, and then check “Use the welcome screen” and “Use fast user switching”. Then check “Use welcome screen” and “Use fast user switching”, and finally click the “OK” button to enable this feature.

2. The system does not start the service “Terminal

Services”. The way to start the service is: run “services.msc”, find the service “Terminal

Services”, double-click to open its properties, in the “General” tab of the “General” tab of the “General” tab, the “General” tab of the “General” tab of the “General” tab of the “General” tab of the “General” tab of the “General” tab of the “General” tab. “tab, select “Manual” or “Automatic” in the “Startup Type” drop-down box, so that the service can start normally every time the system boots. Start the service every time the system boots. Then click the “Start” button to start the service, and the problem is solved.

How to turn on User Account Control

In Win8.1 to access the App Store through the built-in administrator account you need to turn on User Account Control.

1, press the key combination Win+R to open the Run window.

2. Enter the command gpedit. msc in the image below and press Enter to execute the command.

3, select “windows settings” – “security settings”, double-click on the security settings.

4, in the “Security Settings” to find “Security Options”, double-click to enter this item, in the figure below to find “User Account Control: Administrator approval mode for built-in administrator account”. Mode”.

5, double-click on the user account control, the option has been disabled to switch to “Enabled”, OK and exit.

6, restart the computer can be built-in administrator account into the Win8 App Store.

The above is about how to enable User Account Control.