How often does the ping command

What is the ping one minute command

On the command line, you can use the following command to perform a 1-minute continuous ping:



ping-t60 target IP address or domain name

Where the “-t” parameter indicates that the ping goes on until it is stop manually; “60” means the duration of ping is 1 minute, which can be adjusted as needed; and “target IP address or domain name” is the IP address or domain name of the target host to be pinged. After executing this command, the system will send a ping request once per second for 1 minute, and you can check the network connectivity of the target host through the results returned by the ping command.

PING command use in detail

PING is not just a windows command, in the unix and linux also have this command, ping is just a communication protocol, is a part of the ip protocol, tcp/ip protocol, ping in the Windows system is a self-executable command. Use it to check whether the network can be connected, use it can be very good to help us analyze and determine the network failure.

Bring up the command line

Type ping/? See basic ping usage

The most common use of PING is to see the IP address of a domain name. For example, if you want to know the IP address of, you can type as shown in the figure, is the IP address of

The Ping command is more commonly used to check network connectivity. If you find that the computer can not get on the Internet, the first thing you should do is to check whether the self-back loop is a problem, that is, to PING127.0.0.1 this address, that is, their own PING themselves, to see if it is connected. Then ping the gateway to see if the gateway is also connected, such as the gateway is It is such a step-by-step test, to see which part of the failure occurs.

Some advanced uses of PING with parameters are explained below, starting with PING-t. With the t parameter added, the ping command will run all the time, that is, it will keep pinging an address, which will help to continuously test an address. The command does not stop until you type CTRL+C. In addition, TTL indicates the number of hops through the router, with larger numbers indicating smaller hops.

In many cases, we only know the IP address of a computer, not the host name of that IP address, which requires the command ping-a. For example, I want to know the host name of, we can type ping-a192.168.15.1 at this time you can see bubul-pc is the host name of this computer

In addition, you can also customize the size of the ping packet, and customize the number of pings, you need to use -L and -N parameters. For example, if you type ping-l65000-n8, it means sending a ping packet of 65000 bytes eight times to

Currently, some routers on the Internet block ping packets, so it’s not easy to succeed in pinging machines on the Internet. Therefore, the ping command is still mainly used in network testing within the LAN. In addition, ping has a number of other functions that are less commonly used, so readers are encouraged to explore them on their own.