How to adjust the text position in word table

word form how to adjust the word to the center?

1, in order to use WPSOffice software as an example, open the Word file, select the form needs to be set in the text part. Right-click on the selected text, select the form properties menu. In the open table properties page, click the top cell tab, click the vertical alignment for the center and save.

2, the operation of the method steps are as follows: the required tools and materials: computer, office software Step 1: open the word file need to edit. Steps to select the form needs to be centered in the text. Step 3, click on the toolbar “Start” label “Center” button. Step editing is complete, the effect is shown.

3, select the form of right-click, select the cell alignment, → in the pop-up graphics menu, click on the middle of the graphics → can be. See the attached chart operation.

word document how to set the text in the form of centering

This video demonstrates the model: assembly desktop, applicable system: Windows 10 Home Chinese, software version: Word2019;

In the process of making a form in Word, you want to center the text, how should you do it? A look at it.

In order to facilitate viewing, we maximize the window;

Method one

After entering the Word document page, click [Insert], in the [Form], select the size of the form you want to insert, fill in the appropriate text. Selected form content, click the [Start] menu bar, in the [Paragraph] click [Center Align] button, the text will have been centered on the display;

Method two

Select the form to be centered, in the upper [Form Tools] menu bar, click the [Layout] option, and then in the [Alignment] to find and click on [Horizontal Centering], the text of our forms are [Horizontal Centering]! up.

how to use word documents will be adjusted to the table in the form of the word in the center?

1. First of all, select the cell they need to adjust the margins, and then click “Layout”, in the “Layout” function area, select “Cell Margins”, as shown in the figure. As shown.

2. Click “Cell Margins” will pop up a dialog box, and then in the “Form” in the “Options”, it will pop up another dialog box, as shown.


3. In the pop-up dialog box can be from the “on” “down” “left” “right” to go to Adjust the distance from the text to the table line, with this method of adjusting the text of the entire form and the distance from the table line, I will introduce a single cell text to the distance from the table line.

4. First, select the cell you want to adjust, click “Layout”, in the “Layout” ribbon, select properties, as shown.

5. In the pop-up dialog box, select “Cells”, and then click the “Options” button, cancel the “same as the entire form” button, and then enter the text to the value of the table above and below the line, click OK.

6. This is a rough adjustment of the effect, they can be freely adjusted according to demand.


Insert a slash in word in the cell to add the text, how to move to the corresponding position?

The alignment of the cell is set to “left justified”, you can press the space bar to adjust the position

Use Alt+Enter to change the line.

Look at the wrong word in the table, the method of operation is basically the same, the cell is set to left-aligned, you can adjust the position of the space bar.

word form text is always off, how to adjust.

word form text is always on the solution:

1, the text and the form of text are set up up and down the center, but the display is not up and down the center;

2, open the menu bar of the “Page Layout”, open the “page settings”;

3, in the “page settings” page, “Document Grid” page, “the document grid”, how to adjust. “or” specify the line and character grid “and point OK. The difference between the two is obvious, the former is to make the line grid, the latter in addition to the line between the characters also have a grid, the top and bottom of the problem is not centered on the line grid, so both can be;

4, in most cases, the above settings can be a solution to the problem, because the word is aligned to the grid by default. If the above is not resolved, then continue to operate as follows. Open the “page layout” under the “paragraph” of the down arrow;

5, according to the red box in the “indentation and spacing” in the “spacing “there to choose” if the definition of the network, then align to the grid “, point OK;

6, set the effect will be centered on the top and bottom.

This article is based on the Dell Spirit 5000 brand, Windows 10 system, Microsoft Office Word 2019 version written.