How to change pages in a word form to continue typing

The word form continues to the second page, I want to insert text on the second page above the form, what should I do?

You can split the table into two tables at the page break position, after which you can insert text in the middle of the two tables.

Mouse click on the first line of the second page of the form, so that the current behavior of the first line of the second page of the form (this line before the split form)

Right-click, point “Form Properties”, in the pop-up dialog box to adjust the relevant rows, columns, width, etc.;

3, select the form, the toolbar on the “paragraph” – indent and Spacing – Spacing – line spacing, adjust the value of line spacing in accordance with the situation, generally 21, 23 or smaller.

In addition, if it does not work, it is recommended to adjust the spacing of the text on the same page with the form, first select the text to be edited, and then in accordance with the above method of the third point at a time.