How to change the ip address on the printer

How to change the printer ip

Methods to change the printer ip:

1. Find the network icon in the lower right corner, and click to open the network and Internet settings.

2, select Ethernet, click change adapter options, find the network connection in use, right click and select properties.

3, double-click IPV4 settings, select Use the following IP address, enter the IP and then OK.

The printer is one of the output devices of the computer, used to print the results of computer processing on the relevant media. There are three indicators of how good a printer is: print resolution, print speed and noise.

There are many types of printers, according to the printing element of the paper whether or not there is a striking action, the striking printer and non-striking printer. According to the print character structure, divided into full-form word printer and dot-matrix character printer. According to the formation of a line of characters on the paper, the string of printers and line printers. According to the technology used, the column, spherical, inkjet, thermal, laser, electrostatic, magnetic, light-emitting diode type printer.

How to change the ip of a computer printer

In the “Printers and Faxes” device, you can change the properties there.

In the Control Panel, find the “Printers and Faxes” device, select the printer you need to change the IP address, right-click – Properties, in the Properties window, switch to the “Ports” tab, select the printer you need to change in the ports list, click “Configure Ports” button, in the pop-up window, select the printer you need to change, and then click “Configure Ports” button. Click the “Configure Port” button, in the pop-up window, see it, the Port Settings tab on the “Printer Name or IP Address”, change the IP address for the new IP address can be assigned.

The printer IP is the IP address of the printer, which is the unique identifier used by the host to indicate its identity in the network.