How to Check Information Center Number

How do I find out my phone’s SMS center number?

If you are using a vivo phone, the SMS center number is a kind of short message server. The SMS sent from the phone needs to be sent to the SMS center number first, and then forwarded to the other phone by the SMS center number, which is equivalent to the SMS relay station.

The method of checking the SMS center number:

FuntouchOS3.0 and 4.5 system: Settings-Information-SMS center number

The SMS center number is different in different regions, if you modify the SMS center number, the SMS may not be able to be sent, so don’t modify it easily! If you have already changed it, you can ask your local network operator for the exact number and change it.

The operator’s contact number: Mobile: 10086; Unicom: 10010; Telecom: 10000; Radio and Television: 10099.

How to know the cell phone SMS center number?

The SMS center number in your cell phone is your SMS server, if you fill in the wrong one, the SMS will not be sent successfully. Each region has its own message center number.

For example, China Mobile’s SMS service center number is +861380xxxx500, of which xxxx is the long-distance telephone area code of your location, less than 4 bits to make up for the 0, for example, Wuhan, where I am 027, after making up for the 0 is 0270, it should be +8613800270500, Shanghai is 021, after making up for the 0 is 0210, it should be filled in.

After setting up the SMS service center number, you can test it. Edit a short message and send it to yourself to check if the SMS center is set up correctly. If you can receive it properly, it means you’re done.

Expanded Information

Set up the SMS center number as follows:

1. Open your phone’s address book on the desktop of your phone, any address book will do.

2, after opening the address book, in the dialing keypad, enter the contents of the quotation marks “*#*#4636#*#*”.

3. After entering, click on the first “cell phone information” that appears.

4, after entering the cell phone information, slide the screen, at the bottom of the screen, there is a box that can be filled in, this box is SMSC (ShortMessageServiceCenter) that is, the message center.

5, fill in the quotation marks in the content “update”, and then click “refresh”.

6, in general, the phone can not receive the message to change the information center number, for the information center number, different places are different, so here is not given one by one, you can copy the contents of the quotation marks “xx center number query”, paste it into the browser, search, find the corresponding center number, fill in the change can be center number, fill in the change can be.

How to view the SMS center number

With the popularity of cell phones, people use cell phones to send text messages, has become a very common behavior.

First, find the settings button in the phone, in the interface that appears in the settings you will find the message, click to enter. Then select the SMS center number, in this interface, people can view the SMS center number, if there are two cards in the phone, it will be displayed separately, because, each carrier’s SMS center number is different. After clicking on it, you can see the SMS center number in people’s cell phones. The mobile SMS center number is usually +861380xxxx500, where xxxx indicates the local area code. Alternatively, one can directly dial 10086 on the cell phone and then switch to the manual service, where one can ask the customer service and also get the local SMS center number. Of course, there is another way, is in the browser, enter the region “SMS center number”, you can query.

The SMS center number can be found in a variety of ways, the most common of which are: finding information in the settings of your phone, dialing 10086 from your phone, and searching directly in your browser, all of which will provide you with relevant information.

How to check the SMS center number?

Since the SMS center number varies from province to province, it is recommended to contact human customer service to check the information of the SMS center number of the province you belong to.

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