How to delete user account information records on computer

Win10 computer to how to delete the account

This video demonstrates the model: assembly desktop, adapt to the system: Windows 10 Home Chinese version;

Tap the Win10 system computer desktop in the lower-left corner of the 【Start】 icon, select 【Settings】, in the 【Windows Settings】 interface to find and click on 【Accounts】 icon;

Click left side of the [Family and other users], in the [other users] below the extra account information can be seen;

Select the account to be deleted, and then click [Delete], in the pop-up warning box you can see the [Delete this person’s account, it will delete all the data on this computer], it is recommended that the account can be deleted before backing up the data, if you are sure to remove the [Delete] click [Delete Accounts and Data If you are sure about the deletion, click [Delete Accounts and Data] and wait for the deletion to complete.

How to clear other account data on computer?

If you want to erase the personal data of other users on your Windows computer, you need to become an administrator and use the following steps:

Open the Control Panel and click on User Accounts.

Select the user you want to delete.

Click “Delete Account”.

Select “Keep Files” or “Delete Files” as appropriate.

Click “Delete Account”.

Please note that after deleting an account, all associated files and data are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Therefore, please be sure to back up important files before proceeding.

How to clear the information of user name and password automatically saved inside the computer?

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1. If you are logged in by email or forum.

Double click on the login box, check the login name and press del to delete it. Simple.

2, if the password is automatically saved, you can set up in IE: open the main menu in the “Tools” → “Inter Options” → “Content “→” AutoComplete “in the” AutoComplete settings “to cancel this function, and clear the form and clear the password.

The second method includes the first method, you see which one is good, then use that kind of Hello, if they are not good, please put forward.

The second method includes the first one.