How to draw matlab polar coordinates

Matlab plot polar coordinate curve p=10sin(1+5θ)?

How to plot polar curve p=10sin(1+5θ) with matlab?

Method 1:



ezpolar(fun)%This method is simple and is suitable for easy to plot polar graphs

Method 2:




polarplot(theta,rho);%This method is commonly used, suitable for general, complex polar graphs

Running result

matlab set polar polar ydir

1, the command to plot polar curves in matlab is polar, the command is simple and has a variety of uses. First use the command to draw a little rose line. This is the blue siren.

2, modify the command to a red rose.

3, and then use the command to draw Archimedes curve, Archimedes curve in the basic form of rho = a + b * theta. a can change the shape of the spiral line, b can control the distance between the spiral line.

4. Finally, draw the conic curve, the equation of the conic curve is rho=e*p/(1-e*cos(theta)).