How to get a horizontal line in the middle of a word table

word form how to add a horizontal line

To add a horizontal line in the Word form, you can use the following two methods:

Method 1: Use the Borders and Lines tool

1. Select the form: In Word, select the form you want to add a horizontal line.

2. Open the Layout tab: Select the Layout tab on the menu bar.

3. Add horizontal lines: In the Borders group on the Layout tab, you can see options for different border styles. Click on the Horizontal Line icon.

4. Apply to selected cells or to the whole table: You can choose to apply the horizontal line to the whole table or only to selected cells. Make your choice by clicking on the corresponding option.

Method 2: Using Drawing Tools

1. Select the table: In Word, select the table where you want to add the horizontal line.

2. Open the “Insert” tab: on the menu bar, select the “Insert” tab.

3. Insert Shape: In the Insert Shape group of the Insert tab, select the Line tool. You can choose a straight line or other types of lines.

4. Draw a horizontal line: Move the mouse cursor to the start of the form, click once and hold down the mouse, drag the mouse to the end of the point, you can draw a horizontal line.

These methods can help you add a horizontal line in the Word form. You can choose the method that suits your needs.

How to draw a horizontal line in a table?

Question 1: How to draw a horizontal line in a table first enter a space, then select it, then select the underline button, and it’s ok

Question 2: How to draw a horizontal line in an EXCEL list? Just use the straight line in the drawing toolbar

Question 3: How do I draw a horizontal line in a WORD table? Insert->Shape-&g touch;Straight line this is the drawing form.

Ctrl + u this is underlined

Question 4: How to draw horizontal and vertical lines in Excel form drawing point “straight line”, and then want what line, draw what line.

Question 5: How to draw horizontal lines in the middle of excel text “set cell formatting” in the “font”, check the “strikethrough”.

See the picture:

Question 6: How to draw a horizontal line in the middle of the text in excel? Selected area – Start – Fonts – Special effects (check the strikethrough) – OK, as shown:< /p>

Question 7: excel table in a cell how to draw a horizontal line ah that is to say point view menu, pop-up, inside point toolbar, there will be some tools out, will draw a point on a check mark, drawing tools will come out, the general default is already open, the location of the lower left corner

Question 8: excel table in the in the text above the horizontal line how to operate the right mouse button – set cell formatting – fonts – special effects in the strikethrough to put a check mark.

If helpful, please adopt, thank you,

Question 9: spreadsheet cells how to draw a horizontal line in the menu bar to find: Insert —– picture —— optional graphics, will open a self-selecting graphic dialog box, click the “line”, and then click inside the straight line! Click “Line”, and then click on the line inside, drag and drop to draw a straight line. The mouse pointer on a straight line, right-click a menu will appear, select “Set Custom Graphics Format”, in the color and line tab can be set to dotted line, you look at the understanding.

If the solid line can not be turned into a dotted line, you can right-click on the solid line, appear – Edit Vertex, select Edit Vertex, and then right-click, there will be a – Curve Segment, select the solid line will be turned into a dotted line

Question 10: How to draw a horizontal line in the 07 version of the excel table insert – -shape, point straight line, just use the cursor to draw it