How to get the QR code information of the applet

How to view the QR code of small programs in WeChat?

There are a lot of small programs in WeChat, below I will take the nucleic acid QR code as an example, see how to find the nucleic acid QR code in WeChat small program, the specific steps are as follows:

WeChat version 7.0.14, Huawei Honor 9x

1, open WeChat, in the WeChat’s interface, click on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner,

2, Search for [with the application] to find the small program;

3, in the search for the small program, the user can click on the small program to enter which to view, you can see the picture below [nucleic acid code].

3, point [nucleic acid code] can view their nucleic acid QR code.

Finally, you just need to take a screenshot in the nucleic acid code interface to save it. In short, to find the QR code in WeChat small program, first search for the small program you are looking for, and then enter the page to find the QR code.

How to generate the QR code of the small program

The operation of its generation is as follows:

Tools: Windows 7 system, small program development tool V1.02.1909111 version, DellG3 computer.

Step 1, first open the development tool, create a new small program code snippet.

Step 2, then open github, search for weapp-qrcode and select the first option.

Step 3, then go to the details screen and download the weapp.qrcode.min.js file.

Step 4: Then copy the weapp.qrcode.min.js file to the applet directory.

Step 5: Then open the index.js file of the applet and import the weapp.qrcode.min.js file at the top.

Step 6, then open the wxml file, declare a canvas, and set a canvas-id.

Step 7, then call the qrcode method in the index.js file to generate a QR code, and the text attribute says the content of the QR code.

Step 8, finally run the applet you can see the generated QR code, scanning can read out the content of the text.

How to extract the small program entrance into a QR code

Log into the background of the WeChat small program, open the [Settings], get: the corresponding APPID and Secret. WeChat as well as Sesame provides two POST to get the small program QR code interface. You can freely choose any interface to get the corresponding QR code of the small program according to your business needs. WeChat small program, referred to as a small program, the English name MiniProgram, is an application that can be used without downloading and installing, which realizes the dream of the application “at your fingertips”, the user can open the application with a sweep or search. After the full opening of the application, the main type of enterprise, government, media, other organizations or individual developers, can apply for registration of small programs. Small program, subscription number, service number, enterprise number is a parallel system.

How to achieve small program to QR code? Small program link to generate QR code how to achieve?

Small program to QR code implementation method: 1. Copy and paste the small program link to the shrimp fruit, select the “small program to QR code” function, select the QR code platform to be converted (such as WeChat, Jitterbug, etc.), choose to generate the size and format of the QR code, click on the “Generate! “The converted QR code can be used to scan the code to access the small program, or used in other occasions, such as sharing, publicity and so on. Small program link to generate QR code implementation method: 1. In the shrimp fruit, select the “small program link” function, select the small program to generate the link, click on the “Generate Link” button. 2. In the pop-up link edit box, fill in the link content, link path, In the pop-up link editing box, fill in the link content, link path, share people and other information, click “Save” button to generate the QR code. 3. The generated QR code can be used to scan the code to access the small program, but also can be used for other occasions, such as sharing, publicity and so on. Shrimp fruit features make small program link generation QR code has become very simple and convenient, users can generate and share QR code anytime and anywhere, to achieve a wide range of promotion and publicity.

How to get the QR code of the hungry store small program

Methods are as follows:

1, open WeChat at the bottom of the WeChat bottom menu found inside the bottom to find the small program function.

2, find the upper right corner of the search button to search for fast when the shopkeeper small program.

3, enter the small program, click on the registration account function, here you can use the cell phone number to get the verification code to register or use WeChat authorization to register.

4, enter the merchant workstation need to set up basic settings to set the store’s product categories, upload the store’s products.

5, add a good table, click on the table pop-up function window, click on the top of the table code, you can generate the hungry QR code.

How to download your own WeChat small program QR code

“WeChat small program” is now more and more abundant, but many people do not know how to download their own “WeChat small program” QR code, with QR code in order to better promote their own “The first thing you need to do is to get your own QR code, which will allow you to better promote your own program.

Open the computer in the browsing area, enter the WeChat public platform, enter the WeChat public platform, enter the “WeChat small program” account and password, click on the login;

Look for the left side of the Settings and click on the entry. Inside there are (basic settings, third-party services, interface settings, developer tools, associated settings) several major settings options. Select Basic Settings.

In the basic settings, select the small program code and offline materials to download, click on the right to download.

Select the size of the QR code to be downloaded, and click Normal QR code or Applet code.

Select Open or Save and select the save address.