How to set up clear history rights management

edge how to limit the clear history function

1, open the Edge browser on your phone, click on the three dots button below the center, and then click on Settings.

2, click on General, and then click on Search History.

3, slide the sliding button showing the search history to the left, select Close History, and click Apply to close the edge history.

vivos12 how to delete privacy privilege usage record

vivos12 delete privacy privilege usage record can be done like this

1, in the phone app settings click on [app management].

2. Click on the [Application Behavior Records] option.

3. Click on the app you want to close.

4. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

5. Turn off the switch on the right side of [Privacy Information Protection].

How to view the permission access record

1. First of all, the first step we open the phone, in the phone’s application interface, find the settings icon, click on the settings icon to enter the application settings interface.

2. After entering the app’s settings interface, find the app option and click on it to enter the app’s settings interface.

3. Next, in the app’s settings interface, you can see that there is a rights management option, find this option and click to enter the rights management interface

4. After entering the rights management interface, find the three-dot button in the upper-right corner of the interface, which opens the rights management menu.

5. After you open the permission management menu interface, find the permission access record option in the upper right corner of the interface, and click to view the access record of the permission.

6. Finally, we can see the access logs of each application in the access log interface.

How to make the computer run window does not keep the history | prohibit the computer to save the run record of the method


We often open the computer start menu in the “Run” to open the specified interface, or to perform a command. Some users may not be aware of the Run window will be retained in the execution of the Run record, invariably reveals the user’s operating information, so how to make the computer in the Run window does not retain the history of it? Please see the following setup method.

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1, press Win + R to open the run, enter regedit, and click OK;

2, in the registry expand: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU;

3, will be other than the default value of all deleted;

4, right-click RunMRU, select “Permissions”;

5, click on the “Add” button;

5, click on the “Add” button. “button;

6, enter “everyone”, click OK;

7, select the user everyone, and check the full control – deny, click OK!


When we complete the above steps in the computer, you can find the history of the Run window all clear, and will not be retained.