How to turn off computer user account control

User account control how to cancel

User account control, that is, we are using the computer to change the need for administrator-level privileges, the system will pop up a message to prompt us.

Tools / raw materials: asus x555li, win10 professional, local settings

1, mouse click on the desktop in the lower left corner of the “Start Menu” icon, in the pop-up window, select the “Control Panel” to enter.

2. In the Control Panel interface, change the “View mode” to “Category” and select “System and Security”.

3. In the System and Security interface, select the “Change User Account Control Settings” option under “Action Center”.

4, at this time the computer will pop up the “User Account Control Settings” window, the button to the bottom of the “Never Notify” position, and finally click “OK!

Win10 user account control how to cancel

win10 user account control how to cancel? Many small partners do not know win how to cancel the user account control, after all, always when installing software or running a program, pop up very annoying, today we bring you the win10 user account control cancel method, not clear small partners hurry to follow the editor to see the specific operation of it.

win10 user account control how to cancel

Method 1:

1, the mouse in the “this computer” at the right click, select “Properties”.

2. After entering “System”, click “Security and Maintenance” in the lower left corner.

3. After entering the “Security and Maintenance” page, click the “Security” down arrow icon.

4. Find “User Account Control (UAC)” and click “Change Settings”.

5, into the “User Account Control Settings” page, the left side of the slider to “never notify”, click OK, then Win10 User Account Control canceled successfully.

Method 2:

1, first of all, we right-click on the start (bottom left) icon, in the directory click on the “Run” open.

2, in the run window, we enter “msconfig” command, and then open.

3, after opening, we switch to the Tools menu item, and then find “Change UAC settings”, and then click “Start”.

4. Finally, pull it to the bottom of the “Never Notify” position, tap OK to exit.

All of the above is to provide you with win10 user account control how to cancel the two solutions to introduce it ~ I hope to help you.

How to cancel the user account control

Question 1: How to close the user account control to close the user account control of Vista system steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the “Control Panel”, click on “User Accounts”, click on the option “Turn on or off” User Accounts”. Click on the “Turn on or off” User Account Control “option.

Step 2: In the page that opens, remove the checkmark from the “Use User Controls (UAC) to help protect your computer” option, then “OK” and restart the computer once to complete the operation.

This eliminates the need to enter an administrator password and confirmation when performing actions that affect system security, so you can simply click Continue.

Question 2: How do I remove User Account Control for Win7 users? You can set up in the group policy – “run as administrator” way to open the command prompt (CMD) and type gpedit.msc to open the group policy and make the following changes:

In the Computer Configuration” – “Windows Configuration” – “Security Settings” – “Local Policies” – “Security Options”. “Security Options” under: modify the “User Account Control: in the management of the auditor mode administrator promotion prompt behavior” option to “do not prompt, direct promotion” will not pop up again! prompt box will no longer pop up.

Question 3: How to cancel Win10 User Account Control Win10 User Account Control can be canceled by setting the notification method to no notification. Software tools: Win101511 Professional Edition

1, press WIN key + R key to open the Run window.

2, type UserAccountControlSettings and press Enter to open.

3, pull the notification module to the bottom (never notify), and then click OK.

4, at this time there will be a pop-up notification, click “Yes”, and then later open the application User Account Control will not be notified.

Question 4: How to cancel the Security Center User Account Control 20 points Method 1: Use the “Control Panel”

Start-> Control Panel-> User Accounts and Home Security-> User Accounts-> Turn on or off the “User Account Control”. “User Account Control”

. Remove the check in front of Use User Account Control (UAC) to help your computer and OK.

Prompted to restart your machine, press Restart Now to reboot, or Restart Later to manually reboot after a while.

Method 2: Use the MSCONFIG program

Start-> type msconfig in Start Search-> Enter.

Tap the Tools tab-> select Disable UAC-> press Start.


1. Log in to the system with your second account, then go to Start Menu->Control Panel->User Accounts and change the first account to Top Administrator.

2. Log in to the system with your second account, then go to Start Menu – > Control Panel – > User Accounts and change the second account to Restricted.

Question 5: How to turn off the User Accounts Control Panel – User Accounts – open the User Accounts Control – there is an option to remove this option is ticked, not ticked on the direct click on the OK, and then restart the computer

Question 6: User Accounts Control computer administrators how to cancel the click on the Start Menu above the icon with a photo, and then change the User Accounts Control settings, and then put the second account as a restricted account. Change the User Account Control settings and then just pull which one to the bottom!

Question 7: How do I cancel the User Account Control prompt Almost every time I install software there is this prompt “Do you want to allow the following programs to make changes to your computer?”. , yet what is user account control! Except when the system grants administrator-level access.UAC User Account Control blocks unauthorized applications from automatically installing and prevents unintentional changes to system settings. Below I will tell you exactly how to solve this problem! 1, start the menu to find the control surface click to enter; mouse down to find the “User Accounts”, generally speaking, are in the lower right corner of the control panel; in the “User Accounts” page, click “Change User Account Control Settings”; red arrow pointing to the level of computer settings of the user account control, select the higher the frequency of the higher, if you do not want, you can pull to the end, it will not be in the prompt. Above is the tutorial on how to cancel the user account control!

Question 8: How to remove user account control with the registry editor HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System under the EnableLUA data to 0, and then restart the computer. Restart your computer.

Question 9: How do I cancel the User Account Control? When you cancel it, you have to be an administrator Control Panel – Change Account Type – Create a new non-administrator account.

Win10 system to close the UAC account control method

In the Win10 system, there is also an increase in the UAC user account control function, although it can help prevent malicious programs from damaging the computer, but when the user opens some of the software, it will always pop up the user account control prompts, obviously the software is safe or there will be a prompt, it is very annoying. Win10 system to how to close the UAC account control it, the following with the editorial take a look at the specific closing method for your reference.

Specific closing method:

1, in the administrator account premise, right-click “this computer”;

2, click on Properties;

3, click on the “security and maintenance”;

4, click “Change User Account Control Settings”;

5, in general, it looks like this;

6, change it to as shown in the screenshot, OK.

On the Win10 system to turn off the UAC account control method is introduced to you to this side, if you do not like this feature of the users can take the above steps to turn off on it.