How to unlock shortcuts for ps merge layers

How to unmerge layers in PS?

Materials/tools: ps cs2

1, first open to Psd format file on the stage.

2, and then in the “Layers” palette first selected to merge the layers. (Press Shift on the keyboard and drag to select the merged layer)

3, the menu performs the “Layer” command under the “Merge Layers”.

4, and then click on the “Merge Layers” command this time in the Layers palette merged.

5, press Ctrl + E key can be selected to merge the layers into one layer.

6, and finally save it.

ps in ctrl + e is what shortcut, how to cancel

CTRL + E is the selected layers merge a layer shortcut.

Cancellation steps are as follows:

1, computer open Photoshop software.

2, open Photoshop, open a picture, and build a few layers.

3, the layers to be merged are selected.

4, the layers to be merged are selected, press Ctrl + E shortcut, you can merge all layers into one layer.

ps layers merged how to break down the layers

1, the first step, in the open editing of the picture state interface, click on the [window], click [history]. Please refer to the following figure: Next, open the history and find the “merge layers” operation. Please refer to the following picture: Then, click the trash can icon at the bottom to delete the merged layers.

2, first of all, open the need to unlock the ps file, you can see the merged layers in the layers, select the merged layers. Then, click the “Layers” tab, find the “merge visible” option and click, then you will see all the visible layers will be merged into one layer, release the other layers were merged.

3, open the [ps]. Click on the toolbar window. Click [History].