How to write a good object-oriented design analysis case

How to write a case study report template

Case study report template for writing:

A careful reading of the case, a clear purpose of writing

To write a case study report is very important to a thorough understanding of the case, because the case description is given to the author of the basis of the writing, the report of all the analysis of the discussion should be closely related to it. Generally speaking, the author of the case at least two types of reading general reading and intensive reading. General reading allows the author to have a preliminary understanding of the case as a whole, while intensive reading is the basis for writing after a comparative analysis.

Second, understand the case study needs the relevant theories and ideas

In the reading process, it is best to collect the information categorized, theories, ideas or cases can be documented in the report under various headings in order to facilitate the use of outlining and writing. It is often said that the theory is linked to practice, case study report writing is required to link the practical and theoretical, so this step in the writing is very critical.

Third, read the case and analyze

This stage of reading is the case of the aforementioned reading, the need for the author of the case repeated, detailed reading, in order to thoroughly understand the details of the case, from which to obtain the report of the quantitative and qualitative information required.

Fourth, the development of a detailed writing program

First of all, the information in the case as well as the information gathered in the reading should be organized, and the essence of the rough. Secondly, prepare the main and secondary headings and then arrange them in a certain logical order. When drafting a draft of the report, these headings can be viewed as questions to be answered one by one.

Fifth, write the first draft of the case study report

In this step, the main step in the writing program completed in the previous step has been organized information, according to the title of the program or the question, summarized and organized into paragraphs.

Sixth, pay attention to the format of the paper

1, cover page

Indicate the title of the case study, the participants and other necessary matters.

2, the theme

(1) case study overview needs to be combined with the characteristics of the case itself, after a deep understanding, carefully study the key points of the analysis.

(2) to carry out the full statement of the case and abridged statement, however, to strictly retain the actuality of the case. Be comprehensive and informative. Time, place, people, events, especially the key elements of the real scenario must not be omitted, especially to highlight the conflict between the elements of the situation between the characters, the conflict between behavior and results, the dilemma and confusion in decision-making.

3, case study/strategic approach

For the first type, the part is to have raised the issue of gradual in-depth analysis, looking for solutions to the problem.

4, presenting the conclusion

To present the conclusion of the analysis of the case, you need to use concise, rigorous language.