I can’t find the desktop shortcut on my cell phone

vivo cell phone add desktop shortcuts, can not find on the desktop how to do?

If it means that the desktop shortcut desktop of the software can not be found, you can check whether it is caused by not adding successfully.

Software can’t create desktop shortcut icon, please go to iManager–Application Management–Permission Management–Permission–Desktop Shortcut–Select Software–Allow Permission.

If the above method is invalid, you can enter the official website of Vivo – click on my – online customer service, enter “manual” to contact online customer service to deal with.

Cell phone after installing software desktop no shortcut

This problem generally occurs after the installation of some programs do not automatically create a shortcut on the desktop, generally in all the applications you can see the icon of the program, if you want to create a shortcut to the program on the desktop, you can long-press the desktop of the phone, and then add widgets, select the application that you want to add the shortcut Then you can add widgets and select the application you want to add a shortcut to. Another problem is mainly because you add the program is inlaid, for example, some people say that after installing some input method does not show a shortcut on the desktop, that is because the input is inlaid, do not need to create a shortcut, you say you open the input method alone for what? The input method will only start when you send a text message or write a memo or when you need to type something, for example, when you open a text message it will automatically start the input method program.