Illegal sip server ip address

How to determine if an IP address is legitimate?

How to tell: A correct IP address is a 32-bit binary number, usually divided into four “8-bit binary numbers” (i.e., 4 bytes).IP addresses are usually expressed in “dotted decimal” as (a.b.c.), (b.c.), and (d). d).

Where a,b,c,d are decimal integers between 0 and 255. Example: The dotted decimal IP address ( is actually a 32-bit binary number (01100100.00000100.00000101.00000110).

There is another very important element of the IP protocol, which is that every computer and other device on the Internet has a unique address, called the “IP address”. This unique address ensures that users can efficiently and easily select the objects they need from millions of computers when operating on a networked computer.

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Types of IP Addresses:

1. Public Addresses

Public addresses (public addresses) are the responsibility of the InterNIC (InternetNetworkInformationCenter). These IP addresses are assigned to organizations that register and apply to InterNIC. The Internet is accessed directly through it.

Inside the communication network experiment, with SIPphone login, how can not connect to the server? The setup is the IP address of the server ah, dormitory on the same is CMCC

Hello, according to your description, may be the IP address or DNS address to obtain a problem. You need to make sure that your computer’s wireless card can get an IP address properly, or that your wireless card is set to a static address.

*To check the IP, click in order: Start – Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center – Wireless Network Connection – Details – ipv4 address, or click on the wireless network connection icon in the lower-right corner, select CMCC and right-click, select Status to view ipv4 address.

*IP address range: normal address segment: 183.*. *. *; 117.*. *. *; Error address segment: 169.*. *. *; 192.*. *. *; 10.*. *. *, etc.

*If there is a problem with the IP address or DNS address, please select “Obtain IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS address automatically”. After that, reconnect and you should be able to recover.

Please understand.

2. Next, you can enter your account password to log in and select the “Configuration Menu” in the monitoring interface.

3, then the configuration menu interface on the left side of the “system” sub-menu, it is important to note that the selection of “system maintenance”.

4, then in the system maintenance of the right side of the interface to select “reboot” can be.

5, and finally in the reboot interface to choose a simple recovery (only to restore the network parameters) or full recovery (after the recovery needs to be activated). Then delete and add the channel is completed. It is best to check the local official website to get first-hand authoritative information.