Microcontroller Minimum System Soldering

How to detect errors when the 51 microcontroller minimum system board doesn’t work well after soldering? What are the common types of errors?

This is very good to check ah, first check the power supply, take the meter to measure the power supply, each point down the measurement, and finally measure the various pins whether there is a soldering, to this are not a problem, then the entire running light program, download into the

, run up to see the I/O are normal, if this is normal, then


Your board success. The board is now ready to go. All that’s left to do is to fulfill your various ideas.

What components do you need to solder your own microcontroller minimum system

The following components are needed:

Microcontroller, 27p capacitor, crystal oscillator, 10u capacitor, 10K resistor, pushbutton switch, LED light, 560~1K ohm resistor and so on.