No cursor after word form

Why can’t I type behind the word document form, there is no cursor?

There is no cursor in the form of the solution is to adjust the ruler, the specific adjustment is as follows (in windows 10 word2019 as an example):

1, in the desktop or folder to find the need to edit the word document and double-click to open.

2, in the subsequent interface into the top of the left side of the ruler, then double-click the “hanging indent” button.

3, in the next dialog box will enter the “first line indent” after the “0” character.

4, then the “special format” to “no” style.

5, then click on the dialog box below the “OK” button, you can find that the ruler has moved, the cursor is also shown.

I am using office2016 and after word inserts a table, the cursor is missing when merging cells vertically

Temporarily uninstalling the August 8, 2017 update (KB3213656) for Word2016 or the September 5, 2017 update (KB4011039) for Word2016 solves the problem.

After installing the August 8, 2017 update (KB3213656) for Word2016 or the September 5, 2017 update (KB4011039) for Word2016, you may encounter the following problem:

If you merge vertical cells in a table, the cell contents disappear and you cannot select the merged cells.

If an existing document is opened that contains a table with merged cells, the cells will appear blank.

Only users who receive Office 2016 updates using WindowsInstaller technology (MSI) will experience this issue. Those who have an Office point-and-click version (such as Office 365 Personal Edition) will not encounter this issue.

Status: avoid for now

You can uninstall both Knowledge Bases to get the forms back to normal for now. We expect to release a patch for this issue in the next monthly update, tentatively scheduled for an October 3, 2017 release.

Source: E5%90%88%E5%B9%B6%E7%9A%84%E8%A1%A8%E5%8D%95%E5%85%83%E6%A0%BC%E5%9C%A8-Word-%E6%88%96-Outlook-%E4%B8%AD%E5%87%BA%E7%8E%B0%E9%97% AE%E9%A2%98-8c7af9eb-9e48-4e1e-8c13-6340ede4acdc

Why is there no cursor on the empty page under the table in word

It is divided into pages, and your cursor is not placed on that page, you double click on the blank place below.

About WPSWORD form behind the cursor can not be displayed can not be paged.

As follows:

1, use the mouse to click on the last position of the form, if you don’t know, click on the back of a grid, then press the direction of the down key.

2. After that, press enter again.