ping command error code 5

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To test a TCP/IP connection using the netview command, open a command prompt and type netview\\\computername. netview command to test a TCP/IP connection, open a command prompt and type netview\\ComputerName. netview command lists file and printer shares by establishing a temporary connection. If there is no file or print share on the specified computer, the netview command displays the message “Therearenoentriesinthelist”.

If the netview command fails with the message “A system error 53 has occurred,” verify that the ComputerName is correct, that the computer in use is running, and that all gateways (routers) between that computer and the computer in use are running.

If the netview command fails with the message “System error 5 occurred. access denied.” message, verify that you are logged on to the computer using an account that is authorized to view shares on the remote computer.

To further resolve the connectivity issue, do the following:

Ping ComputerName using the ping command.

If the ping command fails with the message “Unabletoresolvetargetsystemname ” message, then ComputerName cannot be resolved to an IP address.

Use the netview command and the IP address of the computer as follows:


If the netview command succeeds, then ComputerName resolves to the wrong IP address.

If the netview command fails with the message “System Error 53 occurred”, the remote computer may not be running Microsoft Network Services file and printer sharing.

What to do when the ping command comes up with the result Packets:Sent=4,Received=5, URGENT!!!!

My friend, what you mean is that during the ping test, 4 packets were sent and 5 responses were received

It’s really strange

Normally, it should be that the received packets are equal to or less than the sent packets

It’s recommended that other computers in the networked environment be checked for viruses

I hope that can help you!

ping general failure!

Just turn off the firewall

1. Open windowsDefender and click into it.