Thunderbolt Remote Download Where to see the activation code

Huawei Router Xunlei Activation Code

How to get it:

1. Go to Huawei Router management interface and select “Application Market”.

2. Enter “Xunlei” in the search bar of the app market and select “Xunlei Download” to download and install.

3. After the installation is complete, click “Activation Code” on the Xunlei download page to see the activation code interface.

4, note down the Huawei router Xunlei activation code, enter the activation code and click on the activation, wait for the activation can be successful.

The activation code for the Xiaomi box that I downloaded remotely from Xunlei is where?

Go to “Settings” → “About” and wait patiently for about two to three minutes for the QR code to appear, provided that it is best to upgrade to the latest version


Network storage server how to bind remote download

Xunlei remote download requires two steps: 1, binding each version of Xunlei: PC Xunlei, smart router Xunlei, smart box Xunlei (depending on the choice of the individual, you can also bind one of the devices), will be added to the list of devices that support remote downloads, so that it supports offline downloads. 2, and then through the Xunlei remote download site, cell phone The first is to use the Xunlei client for remote downloads.

Only after the network storage server is bound to Xunlei Remote Download can it support Xunlei Remote Download, the following gives you a detailed introduction to the method of Xiaomi Box bound to Xunlei Remote Download

How to bind a network storage server to remote download network storage server bound to Xunlei Remote Download tutorial

In the NAS setup interface, you can find Xunlei Download tab, go to the tab, you can find the activation code, and then use the activation code binding can be

Can the Xiaomi Mi Box Generation 2 I purchased now support Xunlei remote download? If yes, how to get the activation code? Thanks a lot!



First of all, you need to have a Xunlei account, and install Xunlei’s “Cloud Player” on your Xiaomi box. Then on your computer, go to http://, click on “Add” on the right side of my downloader, select HD Player, and you will see the option of Xiaomi box. Just follow the prompts.

Can Lenovo computers download Thunderbolt?

You can, if you have 360 Defender installed, you can download it from 360 Defender, or just search Baidu and download it again.