Underlining in word tables

word how to add an underline in the margins

1, click Insert to open the word document, click Insert. Select the table to select the Insert menu bar in the table icon, drag the mouse to select the appropriate table rows and columns, click to select. Input content enter the desired text in front of the horizontal line, select the left cell. Select the border underline click the right mouse button, click the border and underline options.

2, underline the blank space in the Word document, please follow these steps: Click the mouse in the blank space in the document, and then press the Insert key on the keyboard. Press the – key on the keyboard, which will insert an underline at the cursor.

3, word blank underline can be achieved by inserting a straight line. Method steps are as follows: open the need to operate the WORD document, in the Insert tab to find an illustration, click on the “shape”. In the drop-down option, select “straight line”.

4, open the word document, in the toolbar, select “Start” option. Then click on the underline option identified in the figure below. Then hit the keyboard “space bar” will be able to appear blank underline. If you need to add a long underline to text that is already there, you can select the text first.

5. Set the input method to English, and press the “Shift” key and “-” key at the same time to continuously knock the blank underline.

word underline how to enter

Method 1:

Generally we enter a space in the document, the space is blank, so first set up the space display.

The first step: Click “File” – “Options”, select the “Display” tab, check the “Space “and finally click OK.

Step 2:Type a string of spaces where you want to insert the underline, then select the spaces and click the Underline button in the Font group, or press Ctrl+U.

You can get the underline. To insert more than one underline, you can press ctrl at the same time to select the spaces, and then press Ctrl+U.

Method 2:You can also type the text directly, select the text, and then press Ctrl+U.


Using shortcut keys

At the position where you want to insert the underline, press the shortcut key shift+-, the symbol should be typed in English.


Using tables

First insert the table, then enter text in the table to resize it.

Step 1:Select all the forms, click the right mouse button and select “Form Properties”.

Step 2:Open the “Form Properties” dialog box, click the “Borders and Underlines” button.

Step 3: Click on the right side of the preview area on the top, center, left, right four borders, leaving the form of the lower border, click “OK” button.

Get the following picture, and then cancel the left text underline.

Step 4: Similarly, select the text of the left column, cancel the lower border.


Using Line Shapes

Click Insert-Shape and select Lines.

Hold down the shift key and drag the mouse to draw a straight line.