Web Game Development Prices

How much does it cost to develop an online game

1. In summary, the overall cost of an online game development is roughly 15-16 million RMB, of which the game’s server is the big head, accounting for 40% of the total development funds. It is no exaggeration to say that the server cost of online games is the highest of all distribution costs, and it is completely burning money constantly. Followed by the development team, accounting for 10% to 12%.

2, now hire a reliable technology, our company usually hire a are about 15K, better 20K a month. That a project needs 4 technology, of course, C programmers. Now the game are written in C.

3, the production of online games with the technical team and the period has a lot to do with the current game developers according to the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen are more, the salary is 10K from the Tencent NetEase such as the production team per person’s salary range should be 25K-50K monthly salary. I also do the game industry, previously developed web games and mobile games.

Build a web game platform probably need how much money ah

In 2019 to build the operating game platform required funds ranging from about 3-15 million, the choice of different game types to operate different game platforms, the required funds are not the same. Many people want to build a game operating platform to operate the game, but at present many are white, it seems that the game is very lucrative, the gimmick of monthly water flow of more than a hundred million and so on, but in fact, some of the internal situation of the gaming industry is still not well understood, how to operate the game, the management of a gaming platform is even more no clear ideas. Want to operate a good game platform, many factors, build a game platform elements are also many.

1, capital

Entrepreneurship, start a business or hobby, the first thing you need is money. Here do not say liquidity, operation and promotion of funds, only to say that the initial necessary start-up funds.

2, business license

Regular, legal first need to company enterprise nature. Want to operate a game platform first go to register a company. The qualifications required to operate the game platform on the company’s operational business scope, registered capital and other requirements, different regions also have different policies, specific can find a professional agent to ask.

3, domain name

Build a game platform, game site, his carrier is essentially a web page link, and to generate the game platform link you need to register a domain name, all links on the game site are based on this domain name to complete. Register a basic domain name, a year is just a few dozen dollars.

4, servers

Game platforms, game site on all the data, including player registration, recharge, background statistics summary, docking games, etc., should be stored in a database, and the database can be operated on-line, so that players see the carrier is the server. Initial player user volume is not large can choose a low version of the server, about a few hundred a month. Later the game platform player traffic is a lot, you can upgrade the server.

5, the game operation platform system

The game operation platform system is also the domain name and server that you are ready to really use. It is also a game platform operation system that integrates management background, PC official website, WAP site, game box APP, hand game SDK, promotion system and so on. After building a good, just need to find the game manufacturers docking game can be, so a game site is also completed. Players can log in, register, and recharge without any problem. The game operation platform system is about tens of thousands of dollars to a set of more than 100,000, but also depends on the operation of the game.

6, qualification

The last step, the game platform wants to legal, formalized operation, not afraid of the day whoever to check, it is necessary to do WenWen and ICP license, this is the operation of the game access threshold, did the next two, on the down-to-earth operation of your game platform it. The game road, start a lot of people, stick down very few.

Building a game operating platform sounds like it’s pretty simple, but in reality it’s a lot of trouble after you start doing it, and there are 10,000 reasons for you to give up, but there’s also a reason for you to keep going.


1, game management

Game access function mainly refers to the access of the platform game, login, recharge interface production, game, game server editing function.

2, news management

News management functions include the release, editing, and management of platform articles such as new network, strategies, customer service information, activity announcements, and so on.

3, user management

User management functions include user registration, login, user account privilege adjustment, information view; including user promotion system and promotion effect of the query and other functions.

4, points mall

Users through the background set the way to get points, exchange prizes. Including, product categorization function, promotional discount function, points lottery system, order management system, automatic delivery system, address management system.

How much does it cost to develop a web game?

Developing a web game, there are 2 kinds of official, genuine, this kind of need to get in the name of the company, need to spend a lot of money (more than 6 figures, right) also a kind of is the private service, non-authorized, but you can play, looking for some technology customized, a few hundred or a few thousand on it

How much does it cost to make a web game

Currently a significant portion of the page game market is a skin game, is to buy a complete set of game source code, change the skin and then launched, this general hundreds of thousands of dollars can be dealt with, the requirements are not high or even lower. If you want to independently go to develop a game, the cost ranges from a few million to tens of millions of dollars, and now generally like to set ip, but also a lot of money.