Weibo account exception 20231-04

What does 20231_04 microblogging hint mean

What does 20231_04 microblogging hint meanWhat is microblogging error code 20231? -Knowledge

Best answer: it is the number is gone, invisible account. I think this sealing operation sealed very shady

Why is my microblogging account abnormal ah?

The microblogging account anomaly recovery method is as follows:

Operating environment: Apple 12 cell phone, iOS 14, microblogging 11.8.1 and so on.

1, in the cell phone to open the microblogging, click on the lower right corner of my, enter the personal center.

2. Find and click on the Personal Center menu to enter Customer Service.

3. After entering the customer service center, click Use to fix account anomalies.

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4, so that you can fix the account anomaly, such as the use of the tool has not been repaired can be contacted microblogging manual customer service repair.

Causes of abnormal microblogging account status:

1, banned or blocked

Some behaviors that violate microblogging rules, such as posting prohibited content, spreading rumors, or fraud, will be banned or blocked. Being banned means that you will not be able to log in to Weibo, post messages and interact with others. If you are banned, you can log in to Weibo, but you can only perform limited actions.

2. Account Security Issues

If there is a security issue with a Weibo account, such as the password being stolen or the account being hacked, then Weibo will freeze the account. At this point, it will be impossible to log in to Weibo and you will need to prove your identity through Weibo’s verification program. If the security information is not updated, the account may be attacked.

3. Excessive followers

If a Weibo account has an excessive number of followers, especially if it adds many followers in a short period of time, then Weibo may doubt the authenticity of these followers. In order to avoid the growth of fake or bot accounts, Weibo will limit the number of new followers. At this point, it is necessary to wait for the microblogging system to review the account for any problems.

Microblogging shows account exception, why?

How to solve the microblogging account abnormality:

1. First of all, click to call the mobile microblogging, enter the app

2. Enter the main interface of microblogging, click on the “I”

3. In the page of me, click on the “Customer Service Center”

4. “

4. After entering the customer service center, click on “Repair Account Abnormalities”

5. In the page that jumps, verify the cell phone text message, and then enter the repair

Another point: if your microblogging account above some of the things that are not your own The first thing you need to do is to find a way to get the information you need from your cell phone to your cell phone, and you can do that.

Because it may be the official marketing blog or marketing article of the microblogging company, and once you delete the retweets that are not your own, you will soon be in the “microblogging account anomaly”, which I have tried many times.

The first time I deleted an account, it wasn’t abnormal, but it wasn’t more than three times, and the account was abnormal.

The very spirit of the test, my previous two microblogging number, are so abnormal, all partners must remember, if the structure described above, must be careful to operate, but the account is very easy to be abnormal!

The microblogging account anomaly problem appeared other reasons:

1. The account you access the network environment violates the microblogging security rules leading to account anomalies

2. The system detects that the account is found to have the risk of theft need to be verified by cell phone to enhance the security of the account

Microblogging account anomaly how to deal with

We log into the microblogging, occasionally encounter login abnormalities, then encountered this situation, how do we go to solve it? Let’s take a look at the solution below.

The microblogging account abnormal solution:

1, open the cell phone Sina microblogging, enter the page, click to enter the page, enter my page, click on the upper right corner of the settings;

2, to enter the settings page, we can see the account management, account and security, messaging settings, etc., click to enter the account and security;

3, to enter the account and security page, where you can set up to change the password, login protection, as well as to view the most recent login records;

4, we can see that the most recent login records have 2, click to enter the most recent login records, if there are a lot of login records, click on the top of the exit all the equipment;

5, return to the page, change the password and then login protection on the right, if there are still questions If you have any questions, you can click to see the help.