What are the benefits of using an Apple laptop

Apple laptop has any advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages of Apple laptops are as follows:

1, the body material of high-hardness alloy shell, can be very good protection of the body, to prevent cracking caused by the internal hardware damage;

2, Apple’s system interface as well as the system operation is simple and easy to use;

3, multi-functional shortcut keys Most of them are concentrated on the left side, which can conveniently realize the frequently used shortcut key commands;

4, the color of the Apple system interface is in line with the modern and futuristic aesthetics;

5, the roundness of the Apple fonts performs better;

6, the battery life is usually 6 to 9 hours;

7, Apple computers and mobile phones can be used in a variety of ways.

8, Apple computers use nearly 1G high-speed transfer speed of the solid state drive.

The disadvantages of Apple laptops are as follows:

1, the price is too expensive, the same price of other brands of laptops with better hardware and performance;

2, the Apple computer system is not sufficiently optimized for the performance of the game software;

3, Apple computer weighs more than other brands of computers in the same class;

4, many functions need to rely on third-party software to achieve;

5, Apple computers are slower to boot up as well as slower to wake up from hibernation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Apple laptops?

The advantages of Apple laptops are: light, thin, all-aluminum casing with texture, fine screen and good colors. Apple Ios system has its unique outside. Apple brand can satisfy your inner sense of vanity. It also has face in front of others.

As for the disadvantages: because it’s not a mainstream thing, because most of us use windows. So like what office software compatibility, and some games. A lot of things can’t be used,

Even if you play a movie or something like that, you have to transcode it first, so it’s just more trouble to use it anyway.

There is no VGA interface, and it is not convenient to connect the projection. So the general company business, business rarely use it. In TV and movies, many business elites have an Apple laptop, but to tell you the truth, it’s called implanted ads, and it’s not like that at all in reality. Another Apple because of the all-aluminum relationship, over time, will be hot. Now Apple has compromised by adopting intel CPU, which means it can install WINDOWS system. If you’re not used to using Apple’s system, you can install WIN7.