What are the top 10 brands of US hosting

Please list five more famous hosting brands?

Recommended five more famous host brands are as follows:

1, RAKsmart

RAKsmart is a well-known overseas host renters, is currently the main provider of web hosting, VPS and server products rental services, including the United States group server, the United States cn2 server, Hong Kong servers and other popular products. RAKsmart server room is located in San Jose, California, U.S. RAKsmart U.S. server room location is the closest U.S. server room to mainland China, fast access speeds at home. Has many years of server management, server room management, after-sales consulting industry is very mature, widely known in the industry.

2, Megalayer

Megalayer is committed to becoming a global telecommunications value-added services provider, currently providing server products business, including the United States / Hong Kong / Singapore / Philippines VPS, United States / Hong Kong servers, United States / Hong Kong site group server, Hong Kong CN2 server rental.

3, HostEase

HostEase is a well-known U.S. host, is one of the earliest to open up the domestic market of the U.S. HostEase initially provide U.S. web hosting / Hong Kong web hosting and Hong Kong server rentals and other hosting business, the development of the U.S., Hong Kong, etc. has been a number of well-known direct cooperation with the well-known room, for the global user to provide multiple server rooms, such as the Hong Kong server rentals, and so on. HostEase has launched Chinese official website and Chinese customer service for Chinese users, supporting localized services such as Alipay payment. With fast access speed, stable performance and other characteristics, has been welcomed by domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users.

4, Hostwinds

Hostwinds was founded in 2010, the U.S. host, many domestic webmasters prefer to use Hostwinds U.S. cloud hosting VPS products, due to the Hostwinds U.S. cloud hosting VPS is used in the SSD hard disk, and all the programs have a global CDN acceleration. Thus, it is also highly favored by users. Today Hostwinds hosting providers offer a wide range of product solutions, including web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and independent hosting. At present, Hostwinds mainly has three data centers in Dallas, Seattle and Amsterdam, of which the Seattle data center has a faster access speed in China.

5, Vultr

Vultr is an overseas cloud server provider founded in 2014. As of January 2018, it has more than 15 million customers worldwide. Despite its relatively short history, Vultr has a fairly good reputation in the industry due to the superior performance of its products. In particular, Vultr provides foreign cloud server products based on KVM architecture with pure SSD disks and support for hourly billing, so it has attracted the attention of webmasters at home and abroad.With 32 server rooms around the world, distributed in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa, Vultr offers its customers a fast network experience no matter where they are.

American computer case brands .

Several old U.S. hosts for your reference

1. Bluehost host

Bluehost is a famous U.S. hosting provider, one of the top ten web hosts on 2012, with more than 15 years of experience in hosting services. Because of Bluehost’s high quality and good reputation, in the U.S. hosting industry has won numerous awards, was e-commerce Zencert, well-known blog WordPress recommended as the first choice for hosting, many domestic foreign trade website company has also been the Bluehost host as the first choice. The U.S. host, for example, Bluehost Chinese official website launched PlanA, B, C three hosting programs. PlanB I think is the most cost-effective 29RMB / month, unlimited space, unlimited traffic, unlimited sites. If you use the promo code: idcspy can also be another 10% discount. BlueHost has a Chinese website, Chinese customer service, 7 * 24 round-the-clock technical support, the purchase of 30 days can be refunded. The difficulty factor of self-service purchase is 0.

2. HostEase

The famous American web hosting business hostease, domestic access speed is very fast, many times by the domestic and foreign evaluation agencies as a web host in the black horse. HostEase launched the Chinese station has been 5 years, the localization service is also gradually perfect. At present, HostEase has the United States, Hong Kong and other places of the server for domestic webmasters to choose, which Hong Kong room server PING value of a minimum of 40ms. HostEase host to provide unlimited space unlimited traffic host, support for daily backups, virus scanning and other special features, Linux host to support the free switching of multiple versions of PHP to meet the needs of almost all the PHP program, the latest! The latest coupon code: 2015. can Baidu search the official website for self-service purchase.

3. HostGator

HostGator is a stable, fast, safe web hosting provider, providing the majority of users with web hosting, VPS, distribution hosting and independent servers and other products. With the launch of HostGator’s Chinese website, it has successfully attracted a larger group of domestic users. hostGator web hosting from entry-level to business-type packages to meet the configuration needs of different users, users can also freely choose the U.S. or Hong Kong servers. hostGator’s Chinese official website has newly launched the promo code idcspyCN, the purchase of web hosting program The most important thing is that you can get a 20% discount on the purchase of a web hosting solution.

The above three are always stable and high-performance known foreign hosts, their web hosting security and fast in the industry enjoy praise, is worth choosing. The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a new one, and you can do it yourself. Then small individuals have their own brand, each brand should have an internationalized website!

Host power top ten brands

1 Antec / Antec

Beijing Jiu Titanium Huatong Science and Trade Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of desktop power supply, chassis well-known brand, founded in 1986 in the United States, high-end personal computer peripherals in the field of international brands, the U.S. well-known high-end chassis power supply manufacturers, the global personal computer peripherals products important supplier of the consumer market.


2 Supreme Zone

Supreme Zone brand opened an official flagship store Supreme Zone flagship store on the Internet, so that the majority of Internet users can also buy online and Supreme Zone physical stores with the same model of goods. Since its inception, the Supreme Zone brand has been well received by the majority of users, although the Supreme Zone has achieved some good results, but has not slowed down the pace of progress, is still working to become the industry’s top brands.


3 E-Hua

E-Hua Digital is a group that serves players, focuses on quality, and strives to create a positive energy in the industry. From the beginning to the end, E-Hua has insisted on uncompromising quality and innovation, which represents E-Hua’s spirit of striving only for the best and pursuing better, focusing on customer experience and product quality. From 1998, when the company started to build its own company independently to now, E-Hua has been in the computer digital field for 15 years, and enjoys a reputation for quality service in the industry. 2013 began to lay the network sales channel, and in just two years rose to become the top seller of Tmall’s computer hardware category.


4 Jinhetian

Dongguan Jinhetian Industrial Co., Ltd, Jinhetian, chassis well-known brand, desktop power supply well-known brand, dedicated to computer chassis, multimedia active speakers and other computer peripherals research and development, production, sales of large enterprises.



Beijing Thermaltake Huazhan Technology Co., Ltd, a well-known brand of chassis, a well-known brand of computer cooler, the global chassis market is a very influential brand, the world’s leading provider of system cooling solutions for nVIDIA and ATI’s highest-end graphics cards tailored to the professional graphics card cooler, the leading enterprise in China’s IT industry, a multinational enterprise. It is a leading enterprise in the IT industry and a multinational large-scale enterprise.


6 Game Hummer

Shenzhen Huidefeng Innovative Technology Co., Ltd, Game Hummer, well-known (famous) chassis brand, founded in 1999, the domestic DIY market on the leading brand of gaming chassis, a professional supplier of high-end computer products, the industry influential high-tech enterprises.


7 Hao Cheng Bei Zhi

Hao Cheng Bei Zhi brand in the Internet opened the official flagship store Hao Cheng Bei Zhi flagship store, so that the majority of Internet users can also buy online and Hao Cheng Bei Zhi physical store with the same model of goods. Since its inception, the brand has been well received by the majority of users, although Hao Cheng Bei Zhi has achieved some good results, but did not slow down the pace of progress, is still for the industry to become the top brand efforts.


8 Changyi CY

Guangzhou Meijiajia Door Industry Co., Ltd, Changyi CY, set titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy decorative door research and development, production, sales as one of the integrated enterprise, the product has environmental protection, durability, moisture corrosion-resistant, non-fading, good sound insulation characteristics.


9 Hexin/HEXIN

Zhejiang Hexin Holding Group Co., Ltd, started in 1994, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, a famous trademark, “textile decorative coated fabrics,” the drafting unit of the standard, textile weaving-based, cross-industry operation of the integrated enterprise group.