What brand of car is bbs brand

What brand of car is bbs

bbs is not a car brand, but exists in Germany, an auto parts manufacturer, the main production of car wheels, the brand was founded in 1970, the production of wheels, in a number of brands have been used, as the brand original wheel suppliers.

How to properly modify the wheels of a vehicle model

When modifying the wheels of a vehicle. As long as the size of the wheel is not changed, it is compliant. You can modify the style of the wheel and the material of the wheel, the vehicle wheel is a very important part of the vehicle driving, is to ensure the safety of the vehicle driving accessories.

Can vehicle wheels change color

Yes, you can change the color, there are two ways to modify. The first way is to modify the color through the way of film, the second way is to change the color through the way of painting. Modification of vehicle wheel color does not need to be filed, because the area of the modification does not reach 30% of the body area.

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bbs is what car

BBS, full name “forged wheel repair aftermarket brand”, is a kind of automobile wheel brand. bbs was founded in Germany, its products are known for high quality, high performance, high stability and high aesthetic. bbs wheels are beautifully designed, adopting advanced forging technology, so that the wheel is more robust and durable, but also has a better lightweight effect, which can improve the handling performance and fuel economy. BBS wheels are beautifully designed, using advanced forging technology to make the wheels stronger and more durable, as well as having a better lightweight effect, which can improve the car’s handling performance and fuel economy.BBS’s product series include racing series, street series, SUV series and so on, which can be applied to a variety of different types of automobiles. In addition, BBS also provides customized service, which can customize wheels according to customers’ needs and requirements to meet the individual needs of different car owners. In short, BBS is a high-quality brand of automobile wheels, whether in terms of performance, appearance or quality are first-class, is the pursuit of many car owners performance and aesthetic choice.

What kind of car is bbs

Bbs is not a car manufacturer. bbs is a wheel manufacturer from Germany. bbs has a lot of wheels underneath, and bbs’s wheels are popular with countless tuning enthusiasts all over the world. Rims are an important part of the car and are related to the handling and safety of the car. If you want to modify the rims, you must choose the genuine products of big brands, don’t choose the inferior products of some cottage brands just for the sake of cheapness. And when modifying the rims, make sure to choose the same size as the original car, which is legal.

bbs has the world’s leading product development technology and production process, in the field of motorsports is unique, professional racing wheels by all the world’s top tournament winning team selection, in Formula 1 more Ferrari, Honda, toyota, spyker, SUPERAGURI and other 5 F1 teams use BBS wheels! BBS wheels are used by five F1 teams including Ferrari, Honda, toyota, spyker and SUPERAGURI. In the field of automobile tuning, BBS personalized after-market products can provide the best upgrade wheels for all high-grade automobile brands, and is the first brand respected by tuning car fans all over the world.

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What brand is bbs

BBS is the world’s top wheel manufacturer, defining the highest quality standards for automotive wheels.

BBS wheels are divided into forging and casting, forging refers to Japan BBS, casting refers to Germany BBS, the two are independent wheel manufacturers, but share a trademark, BBS wheels at the same time sponsoring the F1 (World Formula 1), WRC (World Rally Championship), FIAGT (World Supercar Championship), Nurburgring (Nürburgring) LeMans (Le Mans), DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters), NASCAR (NASCAR Grand Prix) and other famous international automobile events.

The wheels produced by BBS are also favored by car tuning enthusiasts, and the value of the wheels is very high. Japan’s BBS mainly produces forged aluminum wheels and forged magnesium alloy wheels, while Germany’s BBS, located in Europe, mainly produces casting wheels.

BBS wheels have the world’s top product development technology and production technology, in the field of racing is unique, but also can provide personalized production, into the personalized market products are used by the user can provide the best upgrade wheels.

Whether the wheels produced in Japan or Germany, BBS always has its own hint of the essence of the existence of the wheel, but also has always occupied a leading position.