What does Apple Virtual Machine mean ah Android

What is the Apple computer virtual machine

Question 1: Apple computer dual-system and virtual machine what is the difference between the virtual machine in OSX (Apple system to run), dual-system is MAC in addition to install a WIN system.

Virtual machine performance can not reach the performance of the MAC hardware (OSX running to take up system resources), dual-system WIN can reach the original hardware configuration.

Virtual machines can only run modest programs, dual systems can use the MAC as a normal computer.

Question 2: What is the meaning of the Apple computer mac virtual machine VMware ah, you can virtually install the windows system as well as some special software under the windows system, VMware specifically the Apple version, very good, but the machine configuration has to be higher, this software is quite a bit of memory and cpu consumption, huh

Of course, the larger ones can’t be played (some plug-ins are required and the virtual machine’s graphics card can’t be recognized)

The majority of the online games have no problem


The impact of this is that the power supply consumes a little bit more quickly (the use of a dedicated graphics card is fixed under Win and it uses a lot of power)

This is the first time I’ve seen a laptop that has been installed in a virtual machine, and I think that’s why it is a great idea to install a virtual machine. >

Question 5: What does Parallels Virtual Machine mean for Apple computersParallelsDesktop11 allows you to run one or more Windows/Linux systems “simultaneously” on Apple’s MacOSX system and switch between them at will. It makes your Mac incredibly powerful, because with PD you can run almost anything that wouldn’t otherwise run on a Mac.

Question 6: What is the difference between installing a dual system on an Apple laptop and installing a virtual machine? There’s no need to install a dual system for now.

Inside the university on the use of computers on the low requirements to see the coursework writing homework Internet and so on, the Apple system can meet these requirements, in that case that the first use of this genuine use of money to buy back the Apple system, the Apple system’s stability and compatibility is not bad, why do you want to so quickly install a Win7 it? The high resolution of the retina in win7 system font is small this is also a small problem.

The dual system is equal to say win7 and apple system can be fully use the computer, but only one run out of another can be used; virtual machine, then, in the apple system running at the same time run win7. you did not run any large software or games in the win7 system, then the virtual machine is good, if you have to be so fast to install win7.

Problems Seven: Apple computer, virtual machine and dual system 2 occupy space no one bigger or smaller, the size of their own allocation. General virtual machine default points 20-40G or so, win system must be at least 30G above it.

Software design is recommended to use OSX. Because OSX is based on UNIX development, win many programs are developed on UNIX, many programs running on win have MAC versions, but many programs under MAC need to pay money to buy in order to use!

If you’re using software that doesn’t have a MAC version, it’s recommended that you install a dual-system to run it, so that you can ensure that your computer’s performance is maximized under Win; a virtual machine is just a program that runs under OSX, and it’s okay to run a small program.

Question 8: Apple laptop installation Win7 dual system and the difference between the virtual machine dual system can not be used at the same time, can only be used with a virtual machine is not the same

Virtual machine, as the name implies, is virtual, you can virtualize a lot of operating systems, this is more suitable for frequent debugging of the software, of course, we can, for example, there are a good deal of very The new system does not support the old game, we can virtualize an old system, such as win98, and then load the old game, you can use, virtual machine is in the other part of the partition to set aside a portion of space, and then use it to virtualize into a partition, and then install a brand new system here, the new system does not conflict with your original, and you can not have to reboot your computer on the switch to the virtual system, it’s very convenient.

Dual system, is the use of your other partition to install a new system, it has to take up the entire partition, the virtual does not have to, and you do dual system, the boot machine will have a boot menu, choose which one to enter, the virtual does not.

Question 9: [Help] Which is better to install a dual system or a virtual machine on an Apple computer? From the question you asked, you may not be familiar with computers.

Apple’s OS and WINDOWS are simply 2 completely different structures.

Installing a dual system of apple and windows is a difficult problem for many computer experts, it involves too much knowledge, and these 2 systems have completely different modes of hard disk usage, so their data can’t be shared.

As for a virtual machine, it’s actually a piece of software that simulates a computer environment while the software is running, and then you can install the system in it. A virtual machine is relatively slow, but it doesn’t affect the system on your physical computer.

If you need to use a lot of Windows software, it is recommended that you go outside and replace your computer with a single Windows system. If you just want to try it out, it is recommended that you use a virtual machine to install it.

As for the “dual system”, is it easy to use? Is it easy to have problems when switching? It’s also easy to get viruses, right? ” are three questions.

It’s not easy to choose which one you want to start at boot time, and you can’t switch between them at any time.

Switching must be done by rebooting, which is usually not a problem.

There are a lot of viruses on windows, and very few on Apple. Viruses are generally not universal, the vast majority of viruses under windows are just useless files under apple.

Question 10: Which is the best virtual machine software for virtualizing mac systems In this year, two famous virtual machine software, VMwareFusion and ParallelsDesktop, have been updated, so we are going to try out a review of them to find out who is the better virtual machine. The test model was a mid-2011 iMac with a Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and running OSX 10.8.5.


Both virtual machine programs can be downloaded for trial from their official downloads, and neither has a complicated installation procedure, with VMwareFusion6 improved by no longer requiring a registered account to try it out; however, ParallelsDesktop9 is still slightly more complicated as it requires registration to install the trial version.

Creating a virtual machine

Both programs make it simple to create a virtual machine, but ParallelsDesktop9 offers more options. The on-screen wizard allows you to install an operating system from either a DVD or an image file, and also provides download links for operating systems such as Windows 8.1 Preview, ChromeOS, and Ubuntu, or to use a recovery partition to install OSX.Comparatively, VMwareFusion6’s virtual machine wizard is a bit simpler, with only two options that let you install a virtual machine from a CD-ROMs and images to install other operating systems, and the other to use a recovery partition to install OSX. during the installation process, ParallelsDesktop9 scans the entire system, and if you’ve ever installed other similar virtual machines, it forces you to delete those files to prevent errors.

Next, I installed the same operating systems, including Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 12.04, and an OSX 10.8.5 system, on each of my iMacs using the two virtual machine software. To be fair, a fixed amount of RAM memory was allocated to each system, so check out the tests below.


The table above shows the speed of VMwareFusion6 and ParallelsDesktop9 running the three operating systems, with actions such as booting, pausing, restarting, and shutting down, and it can be seen that ParallelsDesktop9 is significantly faster.

Virtualizing Windows

Overall, both VMs were able to cope better with regular Windows system operations and software applications, offering a wide range of window displays, including an integrated windowing mode incorporated into OSX. No crashes were encountered, but if you’re using Windows 8.1’s Merto interface, it’s recommended that you run in windowed mode for greater stability.

The difference between the two programs is that ParallelsDesktop9 is able to support DirectX 10, while VMwareFusion6 only supports DirectX 9.0c, which means that the former is better and faster when using a virtual machine to play Windows games. In addition, ParallelsDesktop9 is also able to operate in Windows using OSX’s three-finger gesture feature, which is also not available in VMwareFusion6.

Other virtual systems in action

As for virtualizing Linux, there isn’t much of a performance difference between the two software, and while both support OpenGL, it won’t work in practice. Virtualizing OSX in OSX, on the other hand, makes little practical sense on its own and does not support multiple displays or graphics acceleration.

OSXMavericks compatibility

The latest versions of both software are better compatible with Apple’s latest OSXMavericks system, where VMwareFusion6 can even use OSXMavericks voice input in Windows, with a very high dictation recognition rate.

One problem with ParallelsDesktop9 is that after completing the OSXMavericks test and restarting OSX 10.8.5, all of the virtual machines don’t work properly anymore. That means you can’t use it properly on hardware with dual Mac systems installed, though the company says it will address this issue at a later date.

Pricing and more

VMwareFusion6 costs $60 (about Rs. 365) and allows multiple Mac installations; while …… >>

What does virtual machine mean for Apple laptops?

VirtualMachine refers to a complete computer system with the functionality of a full hardware system simulated by software and running in a completely isolated environment.


Before going into details, there are a few concepts to explain:

1. VM (VirtualMachine) – a virtual machine, refers to a virtualized computer simulated by Vmware, that is, the logically a computer.

2. HOST – refers to a physically present computer, and Host′sOS refers to the operating system running on the HOST.

3. GuestOS – refers to the operating system running on the VM. For example, if Vmware is installed on a computer with WindowsNT, then HOST refers to the computer on which WindowsNT is installed, and its Host′sOS is WindowsNT. Linux is running on the VM, so Linux is the GuestOS.

Features of a virtual machine

2. You can run two VMs on WindowsNT/2000 at the same time, and they can talk to each other, and you can also talk to each other in full-screen, but the other VM is running in the background at the moment.


3. Install another distribution of the same operating system on a VM without repartitioning the hard disk.

4. Sharing files, applications, network resources, etc. between virtual machines.

5. You can run applications in C/S mode or use all the resources of another VM on the same computer.

Virtual machine Apple phone and Android is the same

Virtual machine Apple phone and Android is not the same.

The two systems have different running mechanisms: iOS is a sandbox running mechanism, and Android is a virtual machine running mechanism. Android runs on a virtual machine, and iOS runs on local hardware.

Sandboxing is a security mechanism used to prevent different applications from accessing each other.

Can you install a virtual machine on your Apple phone? According to the official website of Apple cell phone, Apple cell phone itself provides a kind of function called “virtual machine”, which can create a virtual system to run other operating systems, such as ParallelsAccess or VMwareHorizonClient and other virtual machine tools, so Apple cell phone can install a virtual machine. Therefore, it is possible to install a virtual machine on an Apple phone. Apple’s hardware and software are designed to be more closed and consistent. Apple’s mobile device side (iPhone, ipad) can only run the iOS operating system developed by Apple by default, and can also only access apps in Apple’s official AppStore store. Compared to Android, this means that the iOS environment is more stable, more secure and more in line with Apple’s brand label. Apple phones can In addition, virtual machines are easier to implement and manage on iOS due to Apple’s closed design of the hardware and operating system. The same hardware and operating system limitations reduce the development difficulty and technical threshold, making virtual machines more stable and secure on top of iOS. Use virtual machine to install other systems, such as Windows, Android, etc., to realize the diversity of operating systems, and more versatile compared to the virtual machine of Android devices.

What is the meaning of virtual machine for Apple laptops

It is to install virtual machine software on Mac laptops, and then create virtual machines similar to other operating systems such as mac, Windows, linux, etc. and use them at the same time in the virtual machine software.

ParallersDesktop, VMwareFusion, VirtualBox and other virtual machine software can be installed under Mac.