What does it mean to have a web interface design tool

What are the web interface design tools

The following for you to organize a few commonly used software web production:

PS (Photoshop) image processing software: used to touch up the web page image or special effects processing, is a web page production of essential software.

Flash animation software: animation or moving pictures is an important part of the web page, the full and reasonable use of Flash program to design web page elements, often can achieve unexpected results.

CSSDesign: a suitable for the CSS into the debugging of professional-grade applications, CSS syntax can be colored, while supporting the instant view of the style function, especially convenient for debugging the program as well as the effect of the comparison.

Dreamweaver web page production software, the software has become a professional web page production program, support for HTML, CSS, PHP, JSP and ASP and many other scripting languages, syntax coloring display, while providing a template set of functions, support for one-click generation of web page frame function. It is a must-have tool for beginners or professional web developers.

What software is available for web design and production?

One of the rookie level web page production software

If you are a web page production beginners, then let the following software to take you into the colorful world of web page production it!


If you have been very familiar with Word, then I believe that you use FrontPage web design will be very smooth. Use FrontPage to create web pages, you can really appreciate the meaning of “powerful, easy to use”. Page production by FrontPage in the Editor to complete the work window by three tabs, respectively, “WYSIWYG” editing page, HTML code editing page and preview page. FrontPage with graphics and GIF animation editor, support for CGI and CSS. wizards and templates. Wizards and templates make it easy for beginners to edit web pages.

The most powerful feature of FrontPage is its site management capabilities. When updating a site on a server, you don’t need to create a directory of changed files; FrontPage keeps track of the files and copies those new versions for you.FrontPage is the only existing Web page authoring software that can work both on your local computer and over the Internet, directly to files on a remote server.

②Netscape Editor

NetscapeCommunicator and NetscapeNavigatorGold version 3.0 come with a Web page editor. If you like to surf the Internet with the Netscape browser, it’s really easy and convenient to use the Netscape editor! When you display a web page with the Netscape browser, click the Edit button and Netscape stores the page on your hard disk, and then you can start editing. You can also edit text, fonts, colors, change the home page author, title, background color or image, define stroke points, insert links, define document encoding, insert images, create tables, etc. like using Word, isn’t it still a bit like FrontPage2000? However, the Netscape editor for complex Web page design will appear to be limited in functionality, it even form creation, multi-frame creation are not supported.

The Netscape editor is a good starting tool for beginners in web authoring. If your Web pages consist mostly of text and images, the Netscape editor will be an easy choice. Being able to use a text editor such as Notepad or UltraEdit to write a small number of HTML statements can also make up for some of the shortcomings of the Netscape editor if you have some knowledge of the HTML language.


Pagemill is not very powerful, but it is easy to use, and is suitable for beginners to create a more beautiful, rather than very complex home page. If your homepage needs a lot of frames, forms and ImageMap images, then AdobePagemill is indeed your first choice.

Pagemill another great feature is a clipboard, you can drag and drop any number of text, graphics, tables, and then open it when you need it, very convenient.


If you use the ClarisHomePage software, you can create a dynamic web page in a few minutes. This is because it has a good tool for creating and editing Frames, and you don’t have to put much effort into adding new Frames. And ClarisHomePage3.0 integrates with the FileMaker database, and the enhanced site management features also allow you to detect legitimate connections to the page. However, the interface design is too rough and the processing of ImageMap images is not complete.

Two, intermediate Web page production software

If you have a certain foundation for Web design, the HTML language and have a certain understanding, then you can choose the following kinds of software to design your Web page, they will certainly add color to your Web page.


Homemade dynamic HTML animation of the web page

DreamWeaver is a cool web design software, which includes visual editing, HTML code editing package, and support ActiveX, JavaScript, Java, Flash, ShockWave and other features, and it can drag and drop to create dynamic HTML animation from start to finish, support for dynamic HTML (DynamicHTML) design, so that the page does not plug-in also be able to correctly display the page animation in Netscape and IE4.0 browsers. At the same time it also provides automatic updating of page information.

DreamWeaver also utilizes RoundtripHTML technology. This technology allows web pages to be freely converted between DreamWeaver and HTML code editors, with the HTML syntax and structure remaining unchanged. In this way, professional designers can fully enjoy the benefits of visual editing without changing their original editing habits. the most challenging and vital aspect of DreamWeaver is its open design, which makes it easy for anyone to extend its functionality.


The first software thoroughly designed for Web creators

Fireworks is not a small thing, and its appearance has revolutionized Web graphics. Fireworks was developed specifically for Web graphics, and has a wealth of built-in support for Web publishing, such as Fireworks can automatically cut the map, generate the mouse dynamic sense of javascript. and Fireworks has a very powerful animation features and an almost perfect network image generator (Export function). It enhances the link with dreamweaver, you can directly generate dreamweaver Libaray can even be exported to work with CSS-style web pages and images!


Let your web page move

Flash is used in the Internet dynamic, interactive shockwave. its advantage is that the small size, can be downloaded while playing, which avoids a long time waiting for the user. #{6FLASH6}# can be used to generate animation, but also in the web page to add sound. This way you can generate multimedia graphics and interfaces, while keeping the file size small.Although FLASH can not be programmed like a language, but with its built-in statements and combined with JavaScripe, you can also make a very interactive home page. Someone once said: the next century of web designers who do not know how to use FLASH, will be eliminated from the game! I believe this is true!


To add a variety of complex technical web pages

HotDog is an early code-based web design tools, its most distinctive feature is the provision of a number of wizards to help designers to create a complex part of the page. HotDog’s advanced HTML support for inserting marquee and can be viewed in preview mode at normal speed. This is very rare , because even the first such tags Microsoft in FrontPage does not provide such a feature . HotDog plug-in support is also far more than other products , it provides a dialog box allows you to manually select different options for different formats of the file . But it’s not very convenient for Chinese.

HotDog is a powerful program for advanced designers who want to incorporate CSS, Java, RealVideo, and other complex technologies into their Web pages.


Produce web pages with full control over the page process

Allaire’s HomeSite is a small but all-purpose HTML code editor with rich help functions, support for CGI and CSS, etc., and can directly edit perl programs. Depending on the person, according to the habit, it can be set up as simple as Notepad like editing window, can also work in a complex interface.

HomeSite is better suited for more complex and exciting page designs. If you want to have full control over the process of the pages you create, HomeSite is your best choice. But it’s too complicated for the novice.

6 HotMetalPro

Making Web pages with powerful data-embedding capabilities

HotMetal offers both “WYSIWYG” graphics and code editing, making it a program that will not disappoint designers at all levels. But beginners need to be familiar with HTML, in order to be able to use this software, HotMetal has a powerful data embedding capabilities, the use of its data insertion wizard, you can put the external Access, Word, Excel and other ODBC data into the page. And HotMetal can automatically convert them to HTML format, is not it great? In addition it can also convert many old format documents (such as WordStar, etc.), and in the process of conversion of these documents in the picture automatically converted to GIF format.

HotMetal provides users with “too many” tools, and it can also show the status of links to documents across the site in a mesh or tree diagram.

Three, advanced web production software


The series of versions are: 2003, 2005, 2008 and future versions;

Suitable for the development of dynamic aspx web pages, at the same time, but also the production of no-refresh site, webservice features, etc., only for advanced users. Only suitable for advanced users.

② Jbuilder

Regardless of the various versions, are suitable for the use of its development of JSP pages, only for advanced users.

③ Notepad

Don’t think that Notepad function is very little, the software is very simple; however, how you want to use it to create a web page, is only suitable for advanced users; because of its content, there is no visual operation can be directly create a web page, and can only be written in a variety of HTML code, CSS code, JS code and a variety of dynamic scripts, in order to produce a web page.

Commonly used web page production tools

Commonly used web page production tools are Photoshop, CorelDraw, PageMaker, Illustrator, AxureRP, DreamWeaverr, FrontPage, Fireworks, FLash and other software. Combining the advantages of different software tools to carry out the website page design and aesthetic optimization, all kinds of thematic templates, promotional advertisements, banner image design, and interactive experience enhancement.


Powerful image processing software, PS as a UI interface design artifacts, has a powerful image editing and processing functions, any graphics can be realized with PS, you can add a variety of filters to the image, adjust the brightness, contrast, etc., to generate high-resolution graphics;


Short for “CDR”, is the Corel company launched a set of vector graphic design, printing and layout, text editing and processing and graphic high-quality output in one of the graphic design software, specializing in the production of newsletters, color pages, manuals, product packaging, logos, web pages and so on. This graphic worker provides designers with a wide range of functions such as vector animation, page design, website creation, bitmap editing and web animation.




Dreamweaver, or DW for short, was originally developed for the U.S. company Macromedia, and was acquired by Adobe in 2005. It is a set of web page production and management of websites in one of the WYSIWYG web code editor. Utilizing support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other content, designers and programmers can quickly produce and build websites from virtually anywhere.


Page production by FrontPage in the Editor to complete the work window consists of three tabs, respectively, “WYSIWYG” editing page, HTML code editing page and preview page. FrontPage with graphics and GIF animation editor, support for CGI and CSS. wizards and templates can make beginners feel more convenient when editing Web pages.


Flash is an interactive animation design tool that combines music, sound effects, animation, and innovative interfaces to create high-quality web page dynamics. It provides web developers with the ability to create audio, graphics, video, and animation that are better suited to existing web applications.

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