What happens if you turn off the WeChat Snap feature?

WeChat pat a shot can be closed

WeChat pat a shot can not be closed.

WeChat pat a shot is a WeChat system function, the function itself can not be closed, if you accidentally use the pat a shot or pat the wrong person, you can withdraw the pat a shot, and the same as withdrawing the ordinary message, can only be withdrawn within 2 minutes of the issued pat a shot.

On June 17, 2020, WeChat launched the pat-a-pat feature, which supports users to remind each other in group chats and personal conversations. on August 12, WeChat’s iOS version was updated to include the ability to withdraw a pat-a-pat. It’s worth noting that after WeChat updated its version to 7.0.15, if a friend doesn’t see the message before it’s withdrawn, the friend won’t receive any reminder, so you don’t have to worry about mistakenly taking a shot at it.

The effect of WeChat’s pat:

Users can experience this feature in both group chats and personal conversations. When users double-click on each other’s avatars, they can see each other’s avatars vibrate, the phone has vibration feedback, and the text in the group chat displays “You’ve taken a shot at xxx”. Users in the group chat can see the text reminder in the dialog box, but other people, including the target of the shot, will not receive the vibration feedback generated by the shot, regardless of whether or not they have WeChat open.

This is different from QQ’s window vibration function and WeChat’s @ function. In personal conversations, users can only see their avatars vibrate and the person they’re tapping won’t be alerted.

Can WeChat Pat-a-Pat be turned off?

It has been proved that WeChat pat-a-pat can not be closed, unless it has not been set or not upgrade the latest version. Setting up a WeChat pat will have the following effects:

1, remind the conversation

By double clicking on each other’s avatars, you can see each other’s avatars vibrate and feel the vibration of the phone’s feedback, accompanied by a text reminder that “you patted xxx”.

2. Greetings

This message can be used as a warm-up conversation for greetings, which can only be greeted in a general way, but can now be preceded by a pat on the back.

Extended information

WeChat pat a shot of the setting method

1, directly in the personal center there, select the illustrated item to enter.

2, this time if there is no problem, then continue to click on the beat a beat jump.

3, the next step pops up a new window, you need to fill in the relevant content and determine the completion of the actual situation.

4, this will get the corresponding results, you can realize the requirements.

WeChat shoot a shot can be closed

Can not be closed.

At present, there is no way to close WeChat Pat a shot, users just don’t use the function, can’t be closed.

When we play WeChat, we will find that WeChat has a very interesting function, we just need to click on the chat page of the friend’s avatar 2 consecutively, at this time, our cell phone screen will shake a little.

So this function is to shoot a shot function, this function although said out a long time, many friends have used, but do not know this function in the end what role, the real meaning of what? This issue I will talk to you in detail about WeChat’s [shoot a shot] function, it is recommended that you collect the likes plus attention, in order to need to look at any time.

So we want to realize this shoot a shot function, we need to set up in advance to open this function, the setup method is also very simple, as long as in the personal information page click on the [shoot a shot], and then you can set up a [shoot a shot] of the prompt language! At this point we can use the shoot a shot function, then this shoot a shot in the end what is the role of it.

WeChat pat a pat features

One, increase the fun of chatting

Two, quickly prompt each other

For example, we send a message to a friend, but we waited for a long time to see the friend to reply to us, and we are too embarrassed to urge the other side, this time to pat a pat on the field, at this time, we just need to continuous If you click on your friend’s avatar 2 times, your friend’s phone will shake a little bit, and then through this shaking reminder, your friend will be able to quickly reply to our message.

Three, fast and each other to say hello

We just add a friend, or chat with friends do not know what to talk about, then we can shoot a shot function and friends quickly say hello, this greeting can be completely do not need to enter any message, you can avoid the awkwardness of the beginning of the chat we do not have a topic, so as to realize the chat before the warm-up and greetings.

Please ask WeChat shoot a shot function can be turned off?

1, WeChat shoot a shot function can not be closed.

2, shoot a shot, is a function of WeChat.

3, June 17, 2020, WeChat on-line “shoot a shot” function, support users in group chat and personal conversation to remind each other.

4. On the afternoon of June 17, 2020, WeChat launched the “take a shot” function on both iOS and Android versions, supporting users to remind each other in group chats and personal conversations, but this reminder is not obvious, and is different from QQ’s window vibration and WeChat’s @ function in group chats.

Can you turn off WeChat Pat-a-Pat

WeChat Pat-a-Pat cannot be turned off.

Because WeChat Take a Shot is a feature introduced by WeChat, individuals are not able to turn off Take a Shot through settings.

How to set up the content of a shot:

1. Open WeChat on your phone and switch to my page.

2. Click on your avatar in my page, enter and select the option to take a shot, set the content of the shot and click finish below.