What is a multimedia player

What is the multimedia software tool that comes with windows

The multimedia software tool that comes with windows is: WindowsMediaPlayer.

A media player, also known as media player, is usually a playback software that is used to play multimedia in a computer that brings together decoders to produce a playback function. Examples include WindowsMediaPlayer.

Since Chinese Windows before WindowsMe always called WindowsMediaPlayer a media player, media player became synonymous with WindowsMediaPlayer among old computer users. However, with the continuous development of the media industry, some advertising screen players can also be called media players, such as Focus Media’s video media player, ZongPu Media’s mirror media player, etc.; public transportation TV is also a media player.

Commonly used multimedia playback software

Currently commonly used network multimedia playback software are Winamp, Realplayer, WindowsMediaPlayer and so on. Here mainly introduce the first two.

1. Audio player Winamp

Winamp is a better MP3 player, its version upgrade is very fast, the function is constantly strengthened. The following is a brief introduction to the use of Winamp 5.35. As shown in Figure 7-1.

Figure 7-1Winamp5.35

Winamp has good control over MP3 playback, which not only plays MP3s on the local machine, but also plays MP3 music directly from the Internet. It has a graphical Equalizer, shown in Figure 7-2, for adjusting the tone.

Figure 7-2 Equalizer

Winamp’s low CPU usage is one of the features that make it a good choice for users with less powerful computers.

Winamp also features Plug-ins, which are plug-ins designed by third-party vendors or programming enthusiasts to enhance the functionality of the Winamp software.

If necessary, the user can change the interface (skins), Skins is Winamp’s interface plug-ins, different Skins will make the playback interface colorful. There are many Skins available for download.

If you want to create a collection of your favorite music, Winamp makes it easy to do so, supporting a wide range of formats, including CDAUDIO, MPEGAUDIO, MIDI, WAV, MTM, MOD, IT, MP2, MP3, XM, MDZ, RMP, DMP, MZU, CAD, FAR, MED, and UL. FAR, MED, and ULT, among others.

2. RealOnePlayer

Previously, most users used 56Kbps modems, which made it difficult to listen to audio files online in real time due to network bandwidth limitations, and even when they were played out, they were intermittent, making it difficult to meet the needs of most users.

Figure 7-3

Video playback software RealOnePlayer realizes the dream of the majority of low-speed network users with its advanced network streaming technology. Run Realplayer10 and open its working interface (as shown in Figure 7-3). Input the link address of the movie or TV file to be played in the address bar, and press the Enter key to see the image of the movie or TV. At the same time, RealOnePlayer supports automatic playback, just click the hyperlink of the playing file to open the image.

KMPlayer: KMPlayer is a set of all the decoding programs available on the Internet, KMPlayer is able to play DVDs and VCDs, import a variety of formats of the plug-in subtitle file, use the most popular WinAMP sound plug-ins, and support for a wide range of video effects adjustment options. GomPlayer: A program that comes with the necessary decoders for video playback, consumes fewer system resources, and allows you to watch a wide range of video formats in the best possible quality.PowerDVD: A high-quality audio/video disc playback program that allows you to play high-quality movies or karaoke on your multimedia PC. It provides high-resolution video and detailed surround sound and VideoCD playback, as well as video interception. PPS: PPS is the world’s first P2P live on-demand Internet TV software that enables you to watch movies, TV dramas, games, news, financial information, etc. PPS is the world’s first P2P live on-demand Internet TV software.

Player’s multimedia style

Multimedia player can be in the computer personal enjoyment of the movie moved to the living room, in the TV live network movies, realize the TV the whole family to share the wonderful moments of joy. It can support 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p output resolution. And only up to 1080p can be called HD media player.

How to use:

Through the USB, SD card and other interfaces to access the source, you can play the RM/RMVB and other formats of the movie program, completely break the network movie format shackles, and really realize the perfect sharing with the network resources.

Taking MoreFunTV, the home media center software commonly used by HTPC users, as an example, its cool interface and powerful functions bring a new experience of media playback. It integrates personal media functions and network media interconnection and sharing. It not only supports local media, including music, video and picture playback; its powerful network function can also play music, video and pictures on the network and realize sharing; at the same time, Catfan has a game function and multi-screen interactive function; it also supports input devices (mouse, keyboard and Catfan remote control), and several devices can not only be mixed, but also can be used individually.