What is javajre

What is jre for Java?

JRE (JavaRuntimeEnvironment, Java Runtime Environment), the collection of environments necessary to run JAVA programs, including the JVM standard implementation and the Java core class library.

jre for JavaRunTimeEnvirment abbreviation, JavaRuntimeEnvironment (including JavaPlug-in) is a Sun product, including two parts: JavaRuntimeEnvironment and JavaPlug- inJavaRuntimeEnvironment (JRE) is a Java platform on which applications can be run, tested, and delivered. It includes the Java Virtual Machine, the core Java platform classes, and support files. It does not include development tools — compilers, debuggers, and other tools. the JRE requires helper software — JavaPlug-in — in order to run applets in the browser.

The JavaPlug-in software allows Javaapplets and JavaBeans components to be run in a browser using the Sun’s JavaRuntimeEnvironment(JRE) instead of running in a browser using the default Java runtime environment.JavaPlug-in is available for NetscapeNavigator and MicrosoftInternetExplorer.

J2RE is the Java2RuntimeEnvironment, or Java Runtime Environment, sometimes abbreviated as JRE. If you only need to run Java programs or applets, download and install it. If you want to develop your own Java software, download the JDK. a JRE is included with the JDK. note that because of Microsoft’s incomplete support for Java, do not use the virtual machine that comes with IE to run an Applet; make sure to install a JRE or JDK.

What is jre

Jre is a piece of software.

The JavaRuntimeEnvironment, or JRE for short, is a piece of software, developed by Sun Microsystems.The JRE allows computer systems to run Java applications (JavaApplication).The JRE consists of two parts: the JavaRuntimeEnvironment and the JavaPlug-in.

The Java RuntimeEnvironment (JRE) is the Java platform on which applications can be run, tested, and delivered. It includes the Java Virtual Machine (jvm), Java core class libraries, and support files. It does not include a development tools (JDK) compiler, debugger, and other tools. the JRE requires the helper software JavaPlug-in in order to run applets in the browser.

The JavaPlug-in software allows JavaApplets and JavaBean components to be run in the browser using Sun’s JavaPlug-in software allows JavaApplet and JavaBean components to run in browsers that use Sun’s JavaRuntimeEnvironment (JRE) instead of browsers that use the default Java runtime environment.

< p>JRE find method:

JRE by the ClassLoader is responsible for finding and loading the program references to the library, the basic library ClassLoader will be automatically loaded to rt.jar, the other libraries, ClassLoader in the path specified by the environment variable CLASSPATH search, in accordance with the principle of first-come, first-served, placed in the CLASSPATH in front of the path. CLASSPATH in the path specified by the environment variable CLASSPATH.

Before the start of the Java program it is recommended to set the PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables, the OS through the PATH to find the JRE, to determine the location of the base library rt.jar, the JRE’s ClassLoader to find other libraries through the CLASSPATH. But sometimes there will be such a situation, hope to replace the base class library in the class library, then also can be simply through the Djava.endrosed.path parameter passed to the java.exe, so the ClassLoader will precede the base class library to use java.endrosed.path parameter specified path of the class library.

What is the full name of JRE?

JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment (JavaRuntimeEnviroment). To use Java programs, JRE is an essential environment. jre — javarutimeenvironmentjava runtime environmentjava bytecode runtime environment to run java programs must be jdk — javadeveloper’skitjava development toolkitSimply put, you write the java source code must be compiled with the jdk compiler tool provided by the .class file , before you can have jre to execute , jdk contains jre runtime environment .

What is the role of jre, and jdk in java?

jre is JavaRuntimeEnviroment refers to the Java runtime environment, is oriented to the user of the Java program, not the developer.

jdk is JavaDevelopmentKit.Simply put JDK is for developers to use the SDK, which provides a Java development environment and runtime environment.SDK is SoftwareDevelopmentKit generally refers to the software development kit, which can include function libraries, compilation programs and so on.


JDK is an acronym for JavaDevelopmentKit, Java’s development toolkit, mainly contains a variety of libraries and tools, of course, also contains another JRE . So why include another JRE? And <JDK installation directory>/JRE/bin directory, contains a server a folder ~ contains a jvm.dll, which indicates that the JDK provides a virtual machine.

In addition, the JDK bin directory has a variety of Java programs need to use the command, and the JRE bin directory is the most obvious difference is that the JDK file only under the javac, which is very understandable, because the JRE is just a runtime environment, has nothing to do with the development. Because of this, the JRE included in the JDK with development capabilities will also have the server’s JVM under the JRE, whereas the JRE, which is just a runtime environment, will only need the server’s jvm.dll.

Note: The runtime environment and tools provided by the JDK need to be configured with environment variables before they can be used, the main configuration is to set the <JDK installation directory>/bin directory to be part of the Path environment variable value.

2. JRE

JRE is an acronym for JavaRuntimeEnvironment, the runtime environment for Java programs. Since it is running, of course, it should contain the JVM, also known as the Java Virtual Machine, and so the class files of the Java class libraries, which are in the lib directory and are packaged as a jar.