What is the administrator identity run icon

What does it mean to run as administrator by right clicking the desktop icon in windows 7?

In the computer, the administrator user has the highest privileges, can set the protection password (such as login password, etc.), but also can set the browsing privileges of other users, such as the visitor user, some files you don’t want them to see, you can set the permissions that only you can see, and some software can be used only by you with the right to change certain system settings.

Why do computer shortcuts appear to need to run as an administrator icon

Specifically as follows:

1. First find the need to use the administrator rights to run the software, right click.


Click “Run as administrator”.


The above method is a single run as an administrator of the software, every time so open some trouble, at this time we right-click, click on the bottom of the “Properties”.


Click the arrow pointing to “Advanced”.

5. Check the “Run as administrator” box and click “OK”.


Subsequently, click “OK”, then double-click the software is also run as an administrator.

Win7 some software shortcuts have a shield icon on the meaning of running as an administrator

This is simple to right-click on the file attribute shortcut advanced and then run as an administrator on the hook to cancel the hook on the OK but do not recommend canceling the program without the administrator to run the program there are programs that can not be opened.

How to run your computer as administrator?

In Windows, running your computer as an administrator allows you to perform actions that require administrator privileges, such as installing software, modifying system settings, and so on. Here are a few ways to run your computer as an administrator:

1. Log on with an administrator account: If you have an administrator account on your Windows system, you can use it to log on to your computer. When logging on, just select the administrator account and enter the appropriate password.

2. Use the “Runasadministrator” command: You can use the “Runasadministrator” command to run an application or command prompt with administrator privileges. Right-click on an application icon or command prompt icon and select “Runasadministrator” in the menu.

3. Use the UAC pop-up window: In Windows, when you perform an action that requires administrator privileges, UAC (User Account Control) will pop up a window asking you to confirm the action. If you want to run the computer as an administrator, clicking Yes will run the operation as an administrator.