What is the job category of web front-end developer

What is a web front end?

Web front-end is the front-end development of a website, as opposed to the back-end, which mainly presents the user with an interface such as a website.

Web front-end belongs to a popular position in the IT industry, which is relatively simple compared to other IT technologies. Front-end is mainly responsible for the realization of the website or APP page, the amount of code involved is smaller than the back-end development, but the salary and development are not bad, the course is currently cutting-edge front-end skills called web full-stack engineer.

Web Full Stack Engineer 5.0 course includes:

①Computer basics and PS basics

②Front-end development basics (HTML5 development, JavaScript basics to advanced, jQuery web effects, Bootstrap framework)

③Mobile development

④Advanced Front-end Development (ECMAScript6, Veu.js framework development, webpack, front-end page optimization, React framework development, AngularJS2.0 framework development, etc.)

⑤ small program development

⑥ full-stack development (MySQL database, Python programming language, Django framework, etc.)

⑦ employment expansion (website SEO and front-end security technology)

The Internet industry is still one of the hottest industries, learning IT skills after being good enough to have the opportunity to enter the Tencent, Ali, NetEase and other Internet factories with high pay employment, the development prospects are very good, ordinary people can also learn.

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Front-end development job categories?

Web front-end jobs are categorized into:

1. web production,

2. front-end production engineers,

3. website refactoring engineers,

4. front-end development engineers”

Front-end development belongs to what department

Question 1: web front-end in the company belongs to which department depends on which enterprise, can be the marketing department, can also be the design department.

Question 2: What department does front-end development belong to html5 front-end development engineers the larger category belongs to the functional category of IT development engineers, the refinement is the mobile development engineers! Front-end engineers are responsible for producing standard optimized code and adding interactive dynamic features, developing JavaScript and Flash modules, while combining back-end development techniques to simulate the overall effect of rich Internet Web development,…

Question 3: html5 front-end development engineer belongs to what functional categories of this netizen hello, front-end development functional categories is not very clear, different recruitment sites are different, most of them are categorized into the Internet development or software development category, such as wisdom, hiring and other recruitment sites, the front-end development is categorized into the Internet development category.

Question 4: What kind of position is front-end development � CWEB front-end development Web front-end development technology includes three elements: HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with the popularity and popularity of RIA, Flash/Flex, Silverlight, XML and server-side languages are also front-end development engineers should be master. What can a front-end engineer do?

Today, the responsibilities of front-end development engineers are not as simple as just slicing and dicing and creating web pages!

Front-end development engineers, will be skilled in the use of very popular HTML5, CSS3 technology, architecture cool page; 3D, rotation, particle effects, the page has become more and more dazzling, the demand for talent is also more and more high.

Front-end development engineers, will develop WeChat games, which is very popular nowadays, not to mention 『2048』, 『Surrounded by nervous cats』you have not played! We can easily develop small-cost games with the help of H5.

Front-end development engineers, will use Facebook’s ReactNative or HTML5Plus technology to build mobile apps! HTML5 subversion of native is just around the corner, regardless of Apple or Android, can be used on the new app, reducing the cost of enterprise development.

Front-end engineers can master Ajax technology, the page does not refresh, you can get the background or database data, better delivery to the user! What a great user experience!

Front-end development engineers, will master advanced object-oriented, design patterns, MVC, Angular and other advanced program writing techniques. When doing large projects, these techniques, can make your project structure clear and easy to maintain!

Front-end development engineers, but also big data front-end visualization, with the help of Node.js to complete the full stack development, integration testing, automated workflow, version control system, team collaboration, automated deployment and so on.

Question 5: What is the general company responsible for the construction of the site Department of Technology, if there is no Department of Technology, then it is the Department of Sales of the network sales department, right?

What is the position of web front-end

Front-end is the front part of the website, which includes both page design and page realization, mainly refers to the web pages running on the PC, mobile and other browsers to show to the user to browse.

“Front-end” is the part of the site and the user to interact directly, from fonts to the layout to the image size, as well as drop-down menus, display columns and dynamic effects and so on, these visually visible all the content, are parsed, processed by the browser, rendering the relevant HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on. rendered by the browser.

Simply put, all the pages you see on a Web site and the pages you use to manipulate them can be called the front end.

Front-end in the IT industry generally refers to two types of positions in general:

1. UI design. That is, the user interface design, the PC Internet and mobile Internet design, such as web design, App page design and layout, icon design, interaction design, etc., in addition to the visual aesthetics of the design, but also need to take into account the logic of human-computer interaction, the main carrier is a variety of electronic displays.

2. Web front-end development. The effect of UI design will be realized into a browser can run the web page, and with the back-end to do the web page data display and interaction and other visual aspects of the work content.