What is the meaning of mac virtual machine ah

Introduction to mac virtual machine

VirtualMachine, in architecture in computer science, refers to a special type of software that creates an environment between the computer platform and the end user, who operates the software based on the environment created by this software, operating independently of each other and without interference. In computer science, a virtual machine is a software implementation of a computer that can run programs like a real machine.

Mac virtual machine refers to the installation of virtual machines under the MacOX system, which are used to handle some of the events that are not aspect of the MacOX system but can be handled by the windows or linux system.

What is the meaning of virtual machine for Apple laptops

It is to install virtual machine software on Mac laptops, and then create virtual machines similar to other operating systems such as mac, Windows, linux, etc. and use them at the same time in the virtual machine software.

Virtual machine software such as ParallersDesktop, VMwareFusion, VirtualBox can be installed under Mac.

What is the meaning of virtual machine for Apple laptops?

VirtualMachine refers to a complete computer system with the functionality of a full hardware system simulated by software and running in a completely isolated environment.


Before going into detail, there are a few concepts to explain:

1. VM (VirtualMachine) – a virtual machine, refers to a virtualized computer simulated by Vmware, that is, the logically a computer.

2. HOST – refers to a physically present computer, and Host′sOS refers to the operating system running on the HOST.

3. GuestOS – refers to the operating system running on the VM. For example, if Vmware is installed on a computer with WindowsNT, then the HOST refers to the computer on which WindowsNT is installed, and its Host′sOS is WindowsNT. Linux is running on the VM, so Linux is the GuestOS.

Characteristics of virtual machines

2. You can run two VMs on WindowsNT/2000 at the same time, and they can talk to each other, and you can also talk to each other in full-screen, but the other VM is running in the background at the moment.


3. Install another distribution of the same operating system on a VM without repartitioning the hard disk.

4. Sharing files, applications, network resources, etc. between virtual machines.

5. You can run applications in C/S mode or use all the resources of another VM on the same computer.

What is the meaning of MAC virtual machine? Can I use Win7 without uninstalling it?

Since you want to use it, don’t uninstall it, how can you use Win7 without installing it?

A virtual machine is a software that simulates the hardware of a computer, then installs the operating system, and finally realizes that the two systems (the host system and the virtual system) run together. The specific Baidu encyclopedia is more detailed.

You install Win7 on a removable hard disk, it will only show a bunch of windows files in the MAC, you can’t use Win7 software.

But you can plug the removable drive into the computer first, then set the removable drive as the first boot item, so you can boot win7.

Suggestion: If you occasionally use software that is not large software, such as PS, CAD and so on, then I suggest you learn about virtual machines. Turn this software on when you use Win7, and turn it off when you don’t use Win7.