What is the working mode of the web server

apache web server has several working modes

Three working modes, PreforkMPM (a thread to deal with a request), WorkerMPM * a thread to deal with the request), EventMPM (a listening process, a bunch of processing processes (multi-threaded processing)). The above definition is not accurate, you can go to see the official Apache documentation

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What is B/S working mode?

B/S mode, i.e., Browser/Server mode (Browser/Server)

B/S structure (Browser/Server, Browser/Server mode), is a network structure mode after the rise of WEB, and the WEB browser is the most important application software on the client side.

This model unifies the client and centralizes the core part of the system function implementation to the server, simplifying the development, maintenance and use of the system.

Clients only need to install a browser (Browser English [‘braʊzə] American [‘braʊzɚ]), such as NetscapeNavigator or InternetExplorer, the server installs SQLServer, Oracle, MYSQL and other databases. The browser interacts with the database through the WebServer.

Extended information:

Practical applications

1, OA system

This OA system for Office software, one of the most basic requirements is to be able to embed the browser. Usually OA system is a system implemented in Java, can be seamlessly run in the browser through the Applet way, at the same time with the document template application, trace retention, document domains, e-signature and other commonly used functions, can quickly realize the function of this OA system in the replacement.

Whether in the JSP or ASP page , you can use JavaScript to call the Applet method , through the Applet method and then call the Yongzhong integrated Office API to complete the operation of the Office . For OA systems based on J2EE architecture, embedding and invoking YCIS Office is even more like a fish out of water, very convenient.

2, city fire networking