What kind of file format is asp?

What format files are ASP!

ActiveServerPages (ASP) is a server-side scripting environment that can be used to create and run dynamic, interactive Web server applications. Using ASP you can combine HTML pages, VBScript script commands, JavaScript script commands, etc. to create interactive Web pages and powerful Web-based applications.

Because scripting programs run on the server rather than on the client, Web pages delivered to the browser are generated on the Web server. So there’s no need to worry about whether the browser can handle the script: the Web server has already done all the scripting and transmitted the standard HTML page to the browser. Since only the results of the scripts are returned to the browser, server-side scripts are not easy to copy. Users do not see the script commands that create the page they are viewing.

What type of file is .asp?

.asp is a suffix for dynamic web pages.

Open some websites and notice how the address bar ends up being .html, .asp, .aspx, .php, etc.

Generally you can open them with Notepad.

But open with notepad can only show the code, open with frontpage page will also show abnormal, it is recommended to use dreamweaver to open.

Dreamweaver download address: http://p2s.newhua.com/down/Dreamweaver8-chs.exe

Serial number: WPD800-53735-53632-48591

WPD800-52830-42932 -95093





What does ASP mean please?

ASP is a server-side scripting environment that uses VBScript or JScript as the scripting language and can be used to create dynamic Web pages containing HTML tags, text, and script commands, called ASP dynamic Web pages, which have the file extension .asp.

ASP dynamic Web pages can contain server-side scripts, and the application extension software that is installed on the Web server computer is responsible for interpreting and executing these scripts. The application extension software installed on the Web server computer is responsible for interpreting and executing these scripts, and the file name of this software is Asp.dll, which is usually referred to as the ASP engine, or the application server as described earlier.

What is an asp file with what to open (asp file format introduction)

ASP, known as ActiveServerPages, is a dynamic server web technology introduced by Microsoft to replace CGI. Because ASP is simple and easy to learn, and Microsoft’s strong support, so it is now widely used, many large-scale websites are developed using ASP. You can use the website editing software Dreamweaver or Notepad to open.

ASP file is in the ordinary HTML file embedded in VBScript or JavaScript scripting language. When a client requests an ASP file, the server interprets the file as a standard HTML file and sends it out. The benefits of running on the server side are: first, there are no browser compatibility issues because the standard HTML file is sent; second, it is convenient for exchanging data with the server, such as reading a database or manipulating files on the server; and again, the source code is protected from disclosure because the client can only see the HTML file that is the output of the ASP.

ASP provides several internal objects and components that make it easy to realize basic functions such as uploading forms, accessing databases, and manipulating files on the server. In addition, special components provided by third parties can be used to address functions such as sending e-mail and uploading files. If there are special needs, you can use VC or VB to develop your own components. So theoretically ASP can realize almost any function.

Because ASP uses the VBScript scripting language directly from the VB language, adhering to the VB#039s simplicity and very easy to learn. However, ASP also has the disadvantage that compatibility is not very good. Generally Web programs developed with ASP can only run on windows operating system. Currently, Microsoft has launched an upgraded version of ASP’s ASP.NET. It has added many features and more powerful functions compared to ASP. There are several reasons why we must learn ASP.

ASP is easy to learn, but it is complicated to learn in ASP.NET. If you want to quickly master dynamic programming techniques, ASP is the first choice.2. The operating environment of ASP is relatively simple, while ASP.NET is more demanding.

3. Although you can learn ASP.NET directly, but after learning ASP to learn ASP.NET will be easier.

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