What’s the meaning of oversized file transfer protocol?

What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP), in Chinese, is shortened to “文传协议”. It is used for two-way transmission of control files on the Internet. At the same time, it is also an application program. There are different File Transfer Protocol applications based on different operating systems, and all of them follow the same protocol to transfer files.

In the use of File Transfer Protocol, users often encounter two concepts: “download” and “upload”:

1. is to copy a file from a remote host to your own computer;

2. “Uploading” a file is to copy a file from your own computer to a remote host. In Internet language, users can upload or download files to a remote host through a client program.

What is Hypertext Transfer ProtocolThe Role of the Text Transfer Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP-Hypertexttransferprotocol), a data transfer protocol that details the rules by which browsers and World Wide Web servers communicate with each other to transmit World Wide Web documents over the Internet. It allows browsers to be more efficient and network transmissions to be reduced. It not only ensures that computers transmit hypertext documents correctly and quickly, but also determines which part of the document is transmitted and which part is displayed first (e.g., text before graphics).

What the File Transfer Protocol is on

The File Transfer Protocol is a protocol on the application layer. File Transfer Protocol is a protocol for transferring files between two computers on a TCP/IP network, and was one of the first protocols used on TCP/IP networks and the Internet, where it belongs to the Application Layer of the Network Protocol Group. File Transfer Protocol is an extremely common file-sharing service that allows you to transfer your files from a storage device to ASUSTORNAS.

File Transfer Protocol usage characteristics:

File Transfer Protocol is used to run an FTP software client program on one computer and an FTP server program on another computer, for example ftpd program (FTPdaemon) on a UNIXLinux system, or FTP server on other operating systems. Many FTP client programs are command-line based, but there are also versions based on a graphical interface.FTP is primarily used to transfer files, but it can also perform other functions, such as creating directories, deleting directories, and listing directory files.

What is HTTP download?HTTP download is HyperText Transfer Protocol download

1, HTTP download is HyperText Transfer Protocol download.

2, HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP, HyperTextTransferProtocol) is one of the most widely used network transfer protocols on the Internet. All WWW documents must comply with this standard. HTTP was originally designed to provide a way to publish and receive HTML pages. Current applications are mainly used to transfer hypertext data such as images, audio files (MP3, etc.), video files (rm, avi, etc.), compressed packages (zip, rar, etc.) in addition to HTML pages. Basically, any file data can be transferred using HTTP.