Where to delete ps cache files

How to clear ps cache data?

1, open Photoshop software, in the top menu bar click “Edit”;

2, in the pop-up menu bar at the bottom of the selection of “Preferences”, and then in the right side of the pop-up menu bar point selection “General”;

3, click “File Handling”;

4, in the “File Compatibility” click ” GameraRaw Preferences”;

5. Find the “GameraRaw Cache” area;

6. Change the value of the maximum size of the cache, the value range is generally 1.0G-200.0G;


7, and then click on the “select location”, change the cache location for the C disk other than other disks;

8, click on the “empty cache” and click “OK”, you can clean up the The ps software in the C disk cache data.


Sometimes you need to restart the software to clear the cache data to take effect.

The reason why the cached data cache location in addition to the C disk in other disks, because the C disk is one of the main partitions of the computer hard disk for storage or installation of the system to use, in general, the default installation of the software disk is the C disk, if the software is installed too much, it will make the computer system running space becomes smaller, the computer will become more laggy, so it is not recommended that the software installed in the C disk; in addition, if the information is installed in the C disk, the software can be installed in the C disk, so the software is not recommended. If too much software is installed, it will make the computer system run in less space and the computer will become stuck, so it is not recommended to install software in C disk; in addition, if the information is stored in C disk, it will also lead to the space of C disk being occupied, which affects the operation of the computer, and when the computer system malfunctions and needs to re-install the system, the information stored in C disk will be lost, so it is also not recommended to store the information in C disk.

ps staging disk is full where to clean up

ps staging disk is full cleanup method is as follows:

Tools/materials: Huawei MateBook14s computer, Windows 10 system, PhotoshopCC2022 version.

1, in ps, find the interface of the upper left corner of the “Edit” button, click to expand it.

2, in the drop-down menu, find the “Cleanup” option, click it to enter.

3. In the new interface, click “All” to clean up the data in the staging disk.

4. In ps, find the “Edit” button in the upper left corner and click to expand it.

5, in the drop-down menu, click on the “Preferences” button, click on the “temporary storage disk”.

6. In the new interface, find a free disk, check the box in front of it and click OK.

ps temporary storage disk is full to delete which folder

If it is windows system, will be temporarily stored in the C disk, find C:/users/daministrator/appdata/local/temp/photoshoptemp folder can be deleted, if it is a mac system, it will be stored on the computer in the MacintoshHD, enter the delete can be, ps staging disk is full delete steps are as follows:

1, open the computer in the PS.

2, select Edit, in the click on the cleanup.

3, clean up after the completion of the open edit, and then click on the preferences, temporary storage disk.

4, change to a large memory location can be.

ps staging disk is full to delete which folder is introduced here, I hope to help you.

ps staging disk where to clean up

ps staging disk cleanup location is:

1, photoshop will take up hard disk space when you open the file, the default staging disk for the startup disk, that is, C disk, C disk remaining space is not enough, so you can not open the file, you can delete the C disk of some of the useless files, or in the photoshop menu “Edit”, “Preferences”, “Plug-Ins and staging disk”, the staging disk will be changed to other remaining space on the disk, change the good sure to remember to re-enter the

2, close the ps will automatically delete, if you think the staging disk is too small, you can press ctrl + k to set the staging disk in the capacity of the larger disk drive, otherwise, the reverse operation.

3, the shortcut key alt + e and then N then P, you will see the temporary storage disk, the general default is C disk. After the software is turned off, the files in the temporary disk will be automatically deleted.

I would like to ask how to clean up the ps staging disk files

PS staging disk file cleanup method for:

1, first open the PS software, and then click on the Edit button.

2, then find the General option in the Edit option.

3, followed by clicking on the Performance option, and then turn the blue color to the highest.

4. After that, click on the temporary storage disk under the performance, and put a check mark on all the disks under the c-disk.

5, or you can also use the shortcut keys to change the temporary storage disk.

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