Where to open the WeChat Developer Tools document

WeChat web development tools where

WeChat web development tools to open the steps:

1, web search for WeChat official website, click to open the home page navigation bar click on the Help and Feedback;

2, search for small programs in the search box, and click to open;

3, in the page that comes out of the selection of “Enter the product area”, click;

4, in the left navigation of the page, select the development issues, and select the content page in the “small program development interface new capabilities”;

5, and then in the “Small program development interface new capabilities” page in the lower position to find and click on the “small program support to open the mobile application function”;

6, in the page that appears to find the tools to choose, open, and select the blue font in the overview of the “WeChat Developer Tools”;

7. Finally, select the first result that appears on the page, the latest download address, download it.

WeChat web development tools where

1, login to the public number management background.

2. Download and install WeChat developer tools.

3, enable developer tools – web developer tools page.

4, bind the developer WeChat, open the WeChat sweep function, scan the QR code.

5, click on the login developer tools.

6. Follow the instructions to set up an agent on your mobile device and connect the debugging device to write code.

WeChat small program development tools how to use small program development tools use

1, first of all, you have to download WeChat’s official WeChat Web Developer Tool. Open the WeChat public platform (mp.weixin.qq.com), find the small program module on the bottom right, click the “Development” button;

2. Click the “Tools” button on the top navigation bar, and then find “Download” in the left column of the new page. As you can see, the development tool provides Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and Mac versions. You can choose the appropriate development tools for your computer according to the actual situation.

3. Once installed, you can launch Developer Tools directly. If it is the first time to start the developer tool, you need to use the developer’s micro-signal to scan the code to log in. After logging in, click the “Add Project” button, fill in the AppID (if not, click No AppID) and project name. Next, click “Select” in the project directory to create a new folder as the new project directory. Then click “Add Project” again to create a new WeChat applet project.

4. WeChat developer tools are divided into three parts: “Edit”, “Debug” and “Project”.

Edit: Edit and modify the code of the small program.

Debugging: shows the code errors and warnings of the applet, which makes it easy to debug the code errors.

Project: for viewing the properties of the applet, modifying the applet configuration, and submitting the applet code to the WeChat server.

5, technically savvy programmers can develop on their own at this step. And for those who don’t know how to program, you can log on to the official website of WeChat’s small program creation platform “Instant Application” at www.jisuapp.cn进行小程序的制作. There are a large number of small program templates inside, just choose a template to make according to your needs.

The development tool also provides a simple simulator (on the left side of the page), developers can use the simulator to simulate the user’s click and use on the computer, to provide the background situation simulation, multi-media player debugging, caching data processing and other functions

6, after the production is completed, click the “Generate” button. Then select “Small Program Packaging” to download the standard code package of the small program.

7, back in the WeChat Web development tools, in the “project directory” column, select the downloaded code package, open it to see the preview effect of the small program.

8. In the “Project” page, the developer can view the basic properties of the applet, and can also preview the debugging on the real machine, or submit a new version of the applet code to the WeChat server. After the server receives the code, the administrator can submit the new version for review through the public platform.

WeChat developer tools how to make

WeChat developer tools how to use (specific which steps can be used)

WeChat developer tools are generally due to the uploading and publishing of small program packages.

But due to the development of technology, some intelligent platforms have been realized with the third-party platform interface docking, has realized a key release, say goodbye to the transmission through the developer tool. However, in order to learn for a small part of the demand, the use of developer tools to publish small program tutorials, I will attach them to the end.

In the song cicada building station on the platform has been upgraded WeChat small program packaging, you can no longer use the WeChat small program tool for uploading, directly in the background can be synchronized to the WeChat small program background.

Step 1: Packaging small program.

Step 2: upload the small program key configuration whitelist, specific configuration instructions, you can click on the reference system to provide “how to get” to view the detailed instructions tutorials.

Step 3: Upload to the WeChat public platform in one click, no longer need to upload through the tool.

Step 4: Log in to the WeChat public platform and submit the code for review and publication.

The platform directly skips the use of developer tools to simplify the process of making and publishing small programs, which is suitable for novices and white people to quickly learn and build their own small programs. Then, in some special circumstances have to use the developer tools for publishing, how should we go to use them correctly? Attached is a step-by-step tutorial.

1, to the official document small program tools section, download the developer tools software to the desktop. In fact, you can also directly web search “WeChat developer tools”, recognize the WeChat web page to click to download.

2, installed on the computer desktop, scan the code to log in, click on the import project, and fill in the APPID, ID information can be viewed in the background settings of the Tencent small program account – developer settings.

3, after importing the project, the software will automatically enter the developer interface, after previewing the small program without problems, click the upper right corner of the release button, you can upload and publish.

4, log into the background of the Tencent small program, click to submit for review, after passing the audit, click to publish online.

After the WeChat small program is released, we can quickly find and use it by scanning the QR code, searching and binding the public number.