Why can’t I turn off the desktop shortcuts on my phone?

How to turn off the Quick Tools on your TrueMe phone

Open your phone settings and click [Privacy]. In the privacy page click on [App Hiding]. Select the apps you need to hide and turn the switch on the right side off or on.

The steps are as follows: open your phone’s settings icon. Find General and click on Open. Select AssistiveTouch under Limb Activity. tap to turn it off. The realme phone is owned by OPPO. realme is equipped with OPPO’s ColorOS system, and the realme products are divided into four major series.

Taking OPPO’s A5 phone as an example, you can do this by going to the Settings interface and then clicking on Smart Convenience. In the smart convenient interface will be its smart sidebar can be closed. The specific setup method is as follows: Click on the sidebar in the current phone to see the pop-up shortcut tool. Tap the Settings button on the phone’s interface to enter.

Open the desktop of your phone and click the “Settings” icon on the desktop to enter the settings interface of your phone. Tap “Desktop and Lock Screen” to enter the desktop settings interface. Select the “Application Shortcuts” option to enter the shortcut settings interface.

Allow WeChat to create desktop shortcuts how to turn off vivo phone

If you are referring to the use of vivo phone, you need to turn off the permission of WeChat to create desktop shortcuts, you need to go to the iManager – Application Management – Permission Management – Permissions – Desktop Shortcuts, to turn off this permission of WeChat.

How to turn off the shortcut page on your oppo phone

Using the app shortcut mode can save you steps and enable you to open frequently used functions faster.

1, ColorOS11 and above: remove the settings item, after removing the desktop shortcut menu to manage all apps are opened by default.

2, ColorOS5.0-ColorOS7.2 version: go to “Settings > Desktop & LeCheck Lock Screen (Desktop & Lock Screen Magazine) > App Shortcuts”, turn on the switch of the app icon to open the function.

How to use:

After turning on, long press the app icon to view the corresponding shortcut. For example, long press the camera icon, you can quickly Tim into the portrait mode.

How to delete the shortcut icon on the desktop of the phone?

First of all, unlock your phone and open the standby page, find the software you need to delete, it should be noted that the software that comes with the phone can not be deleted. Long press the software, then a new pop-up window will appear, click Delete app in the pop-up window, then click Delete to successfully delete the software.

If you still want to continue using your phone and don’t want people to see your phone’s chatting software, you can put the relevant apps into the system’s own privacy space. This way, it won’t show up on the desktop, and you can find the hidden apps in Privacy Space when you use it again.

This is a bit of a hassle, but it’s a lot more than just the risk of having your private information seen. If you don’t want to delete it and don’t want to go through the hassle every time, you can disguise your chat software. For example, Lucky Bar camouflage encrypted chat, the software shell is customized to look like an ordinary calculator, and the chat function is hidden. Outsiders won’t think it’s an app that can chat.

Icon and name customization, different scenarios use different software shell. Message notifications are disguised as newsfeeds, spam, etc. Only you know it’s a new message from your friend. You won’t miss important messages while not exposing them. Chat logs are encrypted and stored on the user’s cell phone, and cannot be recovered after reading. You don’t have to worry about messages being seen even if there are people around. Flip down the phone screen to quickly switch to the news interface.