word form how to box border typing

How to type words into a box in word

1. How to type words in a box in world

world is an English word that can be used as a noun, which can be translated as the world, the earth, and so on

MicrosoftOfficeWord is a word processor by Microsoft Corporation application

To type words in a square text box:

1. Select the Text Box button.

2. Box the text box size.

3. Double-click the text box editor to enter text.

2. How to insert a box in word can enter text

In word insert a box can enter text, this box is the word document text box.

The method of operation is as follows: 1; in the menu bar on the top of the document in the order of points: Insert – text box; 2; when the cursor is placed in the “text box” here, the right side of the two options that pop up, one is the “horizontal”, the other is “Vertical”; horizontal” that the text box in the text box to play the text is displayed horizontally; “Vertical” that the text box in the text box to play the text is displayed vertically; then according to their own needs to choose; 3; such as choosing the “horizontal” text box, click on the “horizontal”; 4; then, to put the text box in the location of the text box to draw the text box; the cursor that is displayed in the text box; 5; and then, in the text box to enter the text.

3. How to enter the text in Word with a box

1, in the word to enter text, select the text, click the “Start” menu under the “Circle Character” command button in the pop-up “Circle characters” dialog box, click the “style” below the “reduced text” option, in the “circle number” box, click the box, click the “circle number” box, click the “circle number” box, click the “circle number” box, click the “circle number” box, click the “circle number” box, click the “circle number” box. box, click “OK”, the following chart:

2, with a box of text effects, the following chart:

4. word document how to add the text box (as shown)

1, a new word text, enter “lumbar disc herniation” the words;

2, select the “lumbar disc herniation” the words;

3, click on the top of the border command, select the outer frame line, you can see the “lumbar disc herniation” the words have appeared outside the box, but the range is a little large;

4, click on the step in the drop-down menu in the bottom of the “border and background”;

5, will be applied to the lower left corner of the paragraph to apply to the text, click the box on the left, you can see the effect in the preview, click OK;

6, you can see “lumbar herniated disc” the words outside the box has been set.

word in the word to draw the word into the box how to do

1.WORD inside how to draw the box, how to type in the box

Solve WORD inside how to draw the box, how to type in the box of the steps are as follows:

1.First, open the need to add a text border of the WPSWPRD file, show the contents of the text, the mouse to select the good Add a border to the text content.

2. Then click on the menu bar above the beginning of the & gt; & gt;; page border icon of the inverted triangle symbol, select one of the border and background.

3. Pop-up dialog box for borders and underlines, the default is borderless, select the box icon on the left.

4. Then, select the box line style you need, the lower right corner should be applied to the selection for the text, rather than paragraphs, the right side will have a preview of the style display, confirm that after clicking on the bottom of the OK button.

5. Finally, return to the WPSWORD, this time just selected the text has been added to the periphery of the solid line border. This solves the problem of how to draw a box inside the WORD, how to type in the box.

2. How to write in the word box

1, open the word this soft 100 pieces, enter the word interface.

2, in the interface of the editorial input area to enter the text, and choose to change the text.

3, in the menu to find the format menu.

4, click on the Format menu in its sub-menu to find the Chinese special layout options. Genus

5, click on the Chinese version of the option, in its drop-down menu to find the circled characters option. You will be able to write in the word box.

3. word document how to draw √ in the box

1, open word, select “Insert” — “Symbol” — “Symbol “—” other symbols “.

2, in the pop-up “Symbol” dialog box will be “subset” item selected as “mathematical operators”, and then you can find the following “hook” symbol, select and click “Insert” can be.

3, and then in the “Start” tab in the “Fonts” option group, click “Character Borders” button; in the pop-up “circled characters” dialog box in the “circle” item select the box.

4, so that the box becomes a check mark.

word with a straight line drawn form how to fill in the box with text?

In Word, with a straight line drawn form, you can use the text box in the box to fill in the text, the specific steps:

1, click Insert —- Shape —- Basic Shape —- Text Box tool;

2, with the mouse in the page to draw a text box;

3, select the text box, click on the drawing tool —- Outline —- no line color, remove the border of the text box;

4, in the text box to enter the appropriate text;

5, with the mouse to drag the text box, will be placed in the appropriate location of the form can be.

In the form, you can directly use the form of slash header function to achieve the specific steps:

1, in the cursor is positioned in the form;

2, click the form of tools layout —- draw slash header button;

3, pop-up Insert Slash Header dialog box, in the header style at the choice of style one; in the row headings, column headings at the input corresponding text can be, as shown in the figure.