word table crooked how to adjust

word form is crooked

There are two ways:

The first is to select the form, the alignment click on center alignment,

The second way is to select the form, click the right mouse button, in the “Auto-Adjustment” and select the “according to the window to adjust the form”, the following chart:

The final effect of the adjustment of the following chart

Note: the second method is to change the size of the form, so if the form of formatting adjusted, the need to fix the size of the words, it is recommended to use the first to change the way of its way approach.

word table how to adjust the table direction?

1, open the Word document.

word of the form somehow to the left, how to center it


1, select the form;

2, click on the form tools layout —-> properties;

3, pop-up form properties dialog box, in the alignment mode can be selected to center it, as shown in the figure.