word table how to insert watermark text

word how to add a watermark

To word documents to add a text watermark method is as follows:

Tools / raw materials: Mechanical Revolution S3Pro, Windows 10, Officeword2007.

1, first of all, open a word document to be added to the watermark.

2, click the menu bar above the [Page Layout] option.

3, and then click the [page layout] menu bar below the [watermark] option.

4, and finally in the [Watermark] option pop-up menu, select a watermark style.

5, click on the selected watermark style, the text watermark is added to the document above.

word table how to add a bottom watermark?

1.First step, open the word software in your computer, go to the home page and click on the Insert option on the top.

2. Step 2, find the table option in the toolbar and click on it to open it.

3. Step 3, in the drop down menu, select a 4*4 table.

4. Step 4, after successfully inserting the table, click on the underline feature on the top.

5. Step 5, in the window below, click to select yellow color.

6. Step 6, use your mouse to click on the blank space of the document.

7. Step 7, click on it to complete the insertion of the underline.