word table indentation on a page

word form how to tune in a page

word form is not in the same page to adjust the word for a page has set up with the next paragraph with the page, insert page breaks, insert section breaks, repeat the title line and set the form properties of the five methods.

1, set up with the next paragraph on the same page, select the Word form, and then in the “Start” interface, click the paragraph in the “Paragraph Settings” button. Then in the “line breaks and paging” interface, click on “with the next paragraph on the same page”, and then click “OK”.

2, insert page breaks, in the “Insert” interface, move the cursor to the text between the paragraph and the form, and then click on the page “page” on it.

3, insert section breaks, move the cursor between the text paragraph and the form, and then click into the “Layout” interface. Then click on the page settings in the “separator”, click on the section of the “next page” on it.

4, repeat the title line, select the Word form, and then in the “Form Tools” in the “Layout” interface, click “Data”. Finally, click on the “Repeat the title line” on it.

5, set the form properties, select the Word form, and then in the “Form Tools” in the “Layout” interface, click “Properties”. Then in the form of properties of the “line” interface, click on “at the top of each page to repeat in the form of the title line. Finally, click “OK” on it.

Word document to delete the blank page of the method:

1, blank page in the last page of the method of deletion if the blank page in the last page, we can first position the cursor to the last page, and then press the keyboard “Backspace” or “Delete”. “Delete” key to delete the blank page.

2, remove the page breaks first Word view mode set to “draft”, then we can see a horizontal dotted line, which is the page breaks, it is the cause of our blank page, it will be deleted, and then return to the default “Page View “blank page on the wood.

How to resize word table to one page

Open the word document, click the right mouse button at the table and select [Table Properties]. Click on [Row] in the [Table Properties] page. First uncheck [Allow cross-page line breaks]. And then set their own [specify the height], the [line height value] set to the minimum value, click [OK] can be, the detailed steps:

1, open the word document, in the form of right-click the mouse, select [Form Properties].

2, in the [Form Properties] page, click [Line].

3, first unchecked [Allow cross-page line breaks].

4, and then set their own [specify the height], set the [line height value] to the minimum value can be.

word form how to narrow to one page?

Two pages of the form to merge into one page can be adjusted by adjusting the width of each line of the form, adjust the page margins, or by adjusting the content of the form above, you can reduce the text content above or adjust the line spacing, so that the next page of the form can be moved up.

The specific operation is as follows.

2, you can also adjust the width of each line of the form, so that the width as small as possible, can make the form is displayed on a page, move the cursor to adjust the height of the line of the lower border, when the mouse changes, drag up and down to adjust the line height. If the width can not be narrowed to achieve the purpose of the merger, you can adjust the size of the text in the form, the text font size, and then try to solve the problem.

3, you can also use the mouse to move to the upper left corner of the form, right-click and select from the pop-up menu [Form Properties] item, switch to the [Line] tab, and then check [Specify the height of the] item, the height of all the rows to set up, so that the form of rows of height to become smaller, to achieve the form of a page to display the purpose.

4, select the form line, right-click Form Properties, click the line, check the [Allow cross-page break], click OK.

word form how to shrink in one page

This video demonstration model: SurfaceGo2, applicable system: Windows 10, software version: WPS2019;

Open the [word] document, we can see the document in the form, respectively, were divided into two pages of the word, this time, we first selected all the forms, and then click [ right-click];

In the drop-down menu, select [Form Properties], and then click on the [line] column, next to the specified height option, enter a value less than the current height;

Input completed click on the bottom of the [OK], this time it will be found that the entire form was placed on a page;

If the height of the line will be adjusted to the minimum hours, has not been on a page in the display, you can first adjust the size of the text in the form, and then adjust the line height on it.

word document inside the table how to adjust to a page

1, adjust the row spacing and column spacing

There are two ways to adjust the row/column spacing

1) manual adjustment: select the distance is greater, the mouse placed on the border line and so on the appearance of a double line when the double-click

2) automatic adjustment: select the entire form, right-click on the form properties/row/column to enter the specified values can be, generally have to try more than a few times before the appropriate number

2, stretch the form

Select the form, the lower right corner of the appearance of a small white box, the mouse on the top of the appearance of black crosses along the direction of the upper left or lower right to stretch the form, will be out of the scope of the form of the contents of the telescope for a page

3, according to the window to adjust the form

The copy and paste over the entire form selected, right-click / Auto Adjustment / according to the contents of the window adjusted to the form, the system automatically compresses the contents of the form in accordance with the size of the paper to a page

4, adjust the paper direction

Some of the form of horizontal and vertical content is too much, the previous methods can not be resolved, you can consider adjusting the paper direction, the specific method is to insert the first section breaks, in page Layout / paper direction can be adjusted horizontally or vertically

5, adjusted form centering settings

Adjusted to a page after the table format will be a slight change in the need for appropriate adjustments, the main form of centering, form content centering

① form centering: select the entire form, start / paragraph / centering

② form content centering: Select the entire form, right-click / cell centering / horizontal centering