word table overall reduction printing

How to indent tables in word?

Need to set up in the print function, the operation method is as follows:

Device: Honor MagicBook

System: Windows 10

Software: Microsoft Office 2019

1, open the Word document that needs to be indented and typeset.

2, click the upper left corner of the [File].

3, click [Print].

4. Click [Print 1 page per version].

5, as needed, you can choose the number of pages per version, for example, click to select [print 4 pages per version]. That is, one page of indented 4 pages of paper.

6, after the completion of the settings, click [Print], you can print.

WORD document printing automatically shrink what is going on?

Problem 1: Why is the WORD document printing shrinking in the computer display (100%) of the paper is always a little larger than the actual, you can set up a larger paper!

Also check the status of the print, whether the display is “no zoom”!

Question 2: word document printing how to automatically reduce the font is set to four or small four, page settings set A4 paper, print direction is set: portrait, print before the pre-sea under the direction of the wrong and then adjust, it should be able to.

Question 3: Why does the printer print out the picture will shrink 5 points 1, in the use of the printer to print the document, it is best to look at the print preview, and then print.

2, first look at the print preview, you can find the print out of the document with the actual need is not any difference, and then according to the actual situation in the document to modify, in order to achieve satisfaction.

3, the printer to print out the picture shrinkage, may also be the picture was small, there is also in the document set up to print, the system is set to automatically shrink the picture, and did not first view the print preview.

4, when printing the file, to the file format, print format should be modified.

Question 4: Why does word print out automatically shrink in proportion? is where the settings out of the problem? print to the last step, there are two pages up and down, the top one is rotated and centered to the right size, the bottom one is cropped and centered to the right size, to use the following one. This is because the printer page set the edge size and you set the edge of the size of the different causes

Your print settings of the edge is too small

Question 5: Why word documents print out smaller? I just encountered this problem, set 100% ineffective, should be printed when you look at the print size, because here is the 07 English version of the word, it should be about the same position, print preview when you choose to look at the SIZE, I have become 16 open, select A4 and then print it

Problem six: the printer prints out only half of the A4, the contents of the full. But narrowed down. How to do? I used the Lenovo lj2500 appeared in your problem, the solution is to print the page settings of the zoom part of the check box “suitable for the size of the paper”

If you use other models of printers, but also almost the position of this adjustment

Problem 7: printer print word, how to come out of how to narrow the? Oh. It seems that Lenovo LJ2500 more than one printer with this problem ah ~ ~

Start – Printers and Faxes – Lenovo LJ2500 printer icon on the right click – -Properties – each sign has a “Restore Default Settings” button to press once – OK.

You try to print again ~~ so the problem can usually be solved, but the cause has not been found.

Question 8: EXCEL form print out why it will be smaller than the original you mean smaller than the screen display, right?

The design of the form should be considered when printing, and constantly check the effect of the print preview, so that the design of the form will be consistent with the print.

If you don’t want to change the format of the form, you can adjust the zoom ratio in “Print Preview – Settings”.

Problem nine: word print out shrink print why shrink 1. open a document, as shown in Figure 2. 2. open the “File” – “Print”. 3. and then in the pop-up dialog box “according to the size of the paper scaling”. Paper Size” in the pop-up dialog box, you can set it. 4. In addition, “the number of pages per page” can also be set. This will be able to shrink several pages in a page to print.

How to reduce the word table?

1, open the word document, we click on “page layout” – “margins”.

2, in the margins of the drop-down menu, we click on the “narrow”, or click on the “custom margins”, choose to set narrower margins.

3, the following chart, the margins from wide to narrow, our form will be placed on a page inside.

4, we can also drag the border of each cell, the cell shrinkage to the required width can be. This will also shrink the word form.

5, as shown in the figure is that we have completed by adjusting the size of each cell to change the settings.