word table strikethrough shortcut

word what is the shortcut key to delete the line

1, Word documents are set up by default there is no shortcut key. To use must first be set up, first open the Word document, click to open the file in the “Options”.

2, in the pop-up window click to open the “Customize Ribbon”.

3, in the pop-up window click to open the keyboard shortcuts behind the “Customize” option.

4. In the pop-up window, select “Start Tab” in the category.

5. Click on the Strikethrough command.

6. Click on the input box under “Please press the new shortcut key” and press the shortcut key you want to set.

7. Click “Assign”.

8. Press the shortcut key you want to set, and then you can draw a strikethrough.

excel delete line shortcut

1, first of all, we will need to set the desktop Excel table, double-click the mouse to open. After opening, inside the form to select the cells need to add the strikethrough. Application-level hot keys can only work in the current active program, when the application hot key definition program is not active or running in the background, the hot key is invalid.

2. Then, once selected, find the two keyboards CTRL+5 above the keyboard and press both key combinations at the same time.

3, you can use keyboard shortcuts to open, close and navigate the “Start” menu, desktop, menus, dialog boxes and web pages, Word can also be used inside the shortcut.

4, excel strikethrough shortcuts then, hold down the two key combinations, after which you can see the content just selected to add [strikethrough]. That is, a thin black line horizontally. Many shortcut keys are often used in conjunction with, for example, the Ctrl key, Shift key, Alt key, Fn key, as well as the Windows key under the Windows platform and the Meta key on Mac machines.

5. Finally, you should remember to save when you’re done, as the file you’re working on may be restored after you exit. Due to different keyboard settings, some shortcuts may not apply to all users.

Word form to delete the line of the three methods

Occasionally delete the form method is not correct, after the deletion may also leave a line; this line if the method used is also incorrect likewise can not be deleted, as to how to delete, the article will explore the specific methods. Then below I will provide you with word form to delete the line of skill, I hope to help you.

First, the Word form to remove the line

If the form is only one line left, the following methods can be deleted:

Select the line to be deleted (a line), press the Backspace key to delete, or right-click and select “Delete Form”. If it is not good to select, you can also select the line with the line above and below the line breaks together, to delete them together, and then back to the line breaks appear.

Second, remove the Word form border line (upper and lower border line)

Method 1:

1, select the form, click the “border” icon on the right side of the small triangle, as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1

2, select the “lower border line”. Lower Border”, then remove the form of the lower border; the same way to select the “upper border”, then remove the form of the upper border; to remove the left and right borders, the same way.

Method Two:

1, select Figure 1 in the “Borders and Backings”, open the “Borders and Backings” window, shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

2, select the “Customize”, the middle of the “Preview” below three icons, respectively, on the border, the form of horizontal lines and borders, click on the icon with a border on the form of the border is removed, the other the same reason; or directly click on the “Preview Figure Or directly click on the line in the “Preview”, click on the lower border to remove the lower border, the other the same reason.

Tip: Word2003 choose “Format ¡ú Borders and underlining”, you can open the window shown in Figure 2.

Third, Word to remove the line in the table

Method 1:

1, select the column to delete the horizontal line, click the “border” icon on the right side of the small triangle, as shown in Figure 3:

Figure 3

2, select the “internal” or “border line”. frame line” or “internal frame line”, the selected column in addition to the upper and lower borders, all the horizontal lines are removed; remove the vertical lines, then select the “internal frame line”; remove the diagonal line, then select the “diagonal line” or “diagonal line” or “diagonal line”. Slant down the frame” or “slant up the frame”.

Method 2:

1, select the column to remove the horizontal line, click the “Border” icon on the right side of the small triangle ¡ú Borders and underlining, as shown in Figure 4:

Figure 4