word table text vertical to horizontal

Make a table in word how to change the text in the table from vertical to horizontal

Tools/materials: computer, WORD.

The first step, open the computer into the desktop, open the software into the interface.

The second step, open the software to enter, open the corresponding document.

The third step, open the document, select the need to modify the text.

Step 4, find the upper menu bar of the layout – text direction – vertical click on it.

Step 5, after completing the above steps you can change the text in the word form from vertical to horizontal.

word inside how to convert vertically arranged text into horizontally arranged text?

Vertical text into a horizontal row of steps are as follows:

1, first select the text to be converted to the direction;

2, click the right mouse button;

3, select the “Text Direction”;

4, select the direction of the text you want to arrange;

5, click OK.

Can also be implemented as follows:

1, the table in this column copy and paste it into the EXCEL document.

2, in EXCEL, select these cells, and then click “Edit” menu under the “Copy”.

3, point outside this area of a cell after pointing “Edit” menu under the “Selective Paste” will pop up a dialog box, in the dialog box to the right under the “Transpose” in the dialog box to the lower right “transpose” the box in front of the hook, point to determine the word can be put across.

4, select the piece of the cell has been across the region and copy, according to the number of cells, the number of cells in the WORD form to select the same shape and number of cells and then paste it.

word form how to change the text direction method

We use Word2010 to create and edit forms, sometimes encounter the need to change the form of the text direction of the situation, then the introduction of word2010 form how to change the text direction method, come and see it!


1, first to change the direction of the text in the form of cells to click the left mouse button.

2, click on the form, word2010 menu bar will appear “Layout” tab. Click on the “Layout” tab.

3, it is important to note that before clicking on the form, word2010 menu bar is no “Layout” tab.

4, click the layout tab. “Text Orientation” button.

5, click on the click, before clicking on the table cells in the text direction will change. The original is horizontal will become vertical. Originally vertical will become horizontal.

6, if you change the text direction of the table after the text to one side. You can click on the figure in the Layout tab in the center button to center the text.